Olympic Barbells

When you lift heavy, you want a bar that can take the impact of an intense workout. Raise your game and upgrade your gym equipment with one of our solid steel Olympic weight bars. Perfect for kitting out your home gym, we have barbells in a range of sizes for outstanding prices. Start your training regime with one of our 4ft barbells and up the load with a 7ft Olympic weight bar which are ideal for use with one of our power racks. And if you’re looking for something exceptional, our M3 7ft Olympic Barbell is the perfect choice for advanced lifters, as well as those who are looking to compete. We have women's Olympic weight bars which have a slimmer shaft but can handle just as much weight as the M3 7ft 20kg weight bar. Our 6ft international weight bars are ideal for anyone looking to save on space and can be used with power racks and squat racks, however, have shorter sleeves so you can get a bit more room around the sides. Our thick grip and axle bars are excellent for building up grip strength and great for deadlifts as well as isometric work. Our EZ curl bars help to reduce any strain on your lifts as you lift and are also great for home gyms as they don't take up much room. And we also have specialty bars such as Swiss bars, strongman bars and shrug bars. Browse the range and get kitted out along with a set of Olympic weight plates and a pair of collars.