Upgrade your power rack and turn your inner beast into an outright animal with our hardcore range of cable attachments. Our heavy-duty range of lat blaster bars ensure that you can coordinate with your power rack and get the right weight limit for you. Our best-selling Tricep Rope Cable Attachment is made from thick woven rope with rubber ends to enhance durability and ease of grip. And of course our ever-popular cable upgrade sets are available for the M1 250kg Power Cage, the M2 350kg Power Cage, the M2 360kg Power Cage and the M1 Half Power Cage. They're amazing value and will instantly transform your power cage. Browse the range and you'll also find landmine handles and attachments so you can get going with some supplementary exercises at home. We also have spares and replacements should you need them, to help ensure your kit is always in mint condition. Build strength, develop your grip and get exactly what you need right here.