Strength Equipment

Browse our range of Strength Equipment to find everything you need to get set up with a home or garage gym. With a wide selection of power racks and cages, we’ve got all the basics covered. You can even find space-saving solutions such as half power racks and adjustable squat stands which are ideal for smaller rooms. And there’s plenty of room for upgrades too with our cable systems and attachments which you can add on now or at a later date. All of our power racks come with safety bars so you can train heavy without the need for a spotter. And where would you be without a weight bench? We have a full range of weight benches including adjustable weight benches and flat benches to help you perform a wide range of incline and decline exercises. Target your core with our sit up benches. And find new ways to work out using our gym towers. And if you’re still working your way up to a home gym, then why not start small with a pull up bar? These simple yet effective bits of kit are perfect for hitting all your back muscles and are a true test of strength. We’ve also got plenty of innovative ways you can supplement your strength training such as parallel dip bars and mini parallettes. Great for helping you to work on your calisthenics. Our range of landmine posts and handles are great if you have a barbell and a few weight plates but want to change things up a bit. You can use them to get a full body workout and they’re ideal for taking the strain out shoulder exercises as well as perfecting your squat form. And if you want to get the most out of your home gym, our multi gyms are great for getting in those extra sets without leaving the house. Not sure where to start? Why not browse our buyers’ guides to help you get to grips with our equipment. And if you’re thinking of setting up a garage gym, you can find out just how easy it is to do, here.