The Fundamentals: Weight Benches

Buying a weight bench

Building your own garage or home gym is a big decision and we know how important it is to get it right.

Below is a general overview of all our different types of weight benches. We’ve included all the important information such as the different types available, as well as how much weight they can take.


Weight benches

An introduction to weight benches

Weight benches are essential for targeting specific areas when strength training. They also provide the necessary support needed to perform certain exercises such as chest presses and flyes.

There are two main types of weight bench: flat and adjustable.

Flat weight benches provide a solid base for a range of exercises and can also be incorporated into lower ab work and cardio sessions.

Within the Mirafit range, the M1 Flat Weight Bench which is a great bench for beginners. It has a weight capacity of 250kg and is ideal for bench pressing.

The M2 Semi Commercial Flat Weight Bench is a step up from this, and great for anyone looking to move a large amount of weight. It has a total weight capacity of 400kg and with rear castor wheels, can be moved around the gym quickly and easily.

We have both M1 and M2 adjustable weight benches including the M1 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench and M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable FID Weight Bench. The M1 can be fixed at both flat and incline positions and the M2 can be placed at flat, incline and decline positions – perfect if you’re looking to work your chest or simply reduce any shoulder strain when bench pressing.

Weight bench comparison - Flat benches
Weight bench comparison - Adjustable benches

Starting out? Our M1 Flat and Adjustable Weight Benches are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate lifters. As to whether you choose a flat or adjustable weight bench really depends on how you like to train.

The M1 Adjustable Weight Bench gives you greater variety. However, if you want to keep things nice and simple and are not sure as to what angles you should be setting your bench at, the M1 Flat Weight bench is the one for you.

Already lift? If you’re more experienced, the M2 Semi Commerical Weight Bench will give you a solid base to train on while allowing for a really versatile workout.

However, if you’re all about the bench pressing or simply want a really sturdy base that can handle a heavy weight load, the M2 Flat Weight Bench is the perfect choice.

Fitness goals

Choosing the right weight bench can also depend on what your fitness goals are.

Consider your objectives – do you want to target a specific area, train heavy or do cardio? These are all factors which you’ll need to take into account, to make sure you get the right bench for you.

Make a list of all the exercises that you want to do using your weight bench. This will help narrow down your options.

You’ll also want to consider the different types of gym equipment you’ll be using with your weight bench.

If you’re using dumbbells for example, you might want to choose an adjustable weight bench to give you that freedom of movement and variety of exercises.

If you just want to bench press however, you might want to choose the M2 Flat Weight Bench.

It’s also worth noting here that if you have a cable system fitted to your power rack, it’s a good idea to check how much room you have inside the cage. This way you can check what sort of bench is going to fit best.

What do I need to go with a weight bench?

What you get to go alongside your weight bench comes down to your fitness goals.

Weight Bench Strength Work
Weight bench - conditioning

Want to get stronger? Ideally you want a power rack or squat rack set up. This way you can use your weight bench to bench press using a barbell and weights.

Looking to do conditioning? Weight benches aren’t just for compound lifts. You can also use them to do core work, cardio and free-weights work. If this sounds more like you, then having a selection of hex dumbbells as well as a slam ball or two will give you what you need to get a solid core and upper body workout. You can also add in a body bar or a power bag, or some resistance bands to add an extra challenge to those decline press ups.

And finally, if you’re training at home, don’t forget to grab yourself some floor protector mats. Not just for looking after your floors, they also keep your equipment in mint condition and soften any accidental drops.

Shipping and delivery

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