Mirafit M1 250kg Power Rack

The cornerstone of any home gym, our M1 Power Racks are exactly what you need to build strength and train at home. The durable, four-sided frame comes with spotter bars so you can train safely. Ideal for compound lifts. Weight limit 250kg.

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  • Mirafit M1 250kg Power Cage
  • Fully adjustable - 21 levels
  • 2 X full length chrome safety bars
  • 2 X chrome barbell rests
  • Built-in solid steel pull up bar
  • Strong design - 250kg max load
  • Black powder coated steel frame
  • Non slip protective rubber feet
  • Please note: tools required for assembly are not included.
  • Important: for bench press exercises it may be necessary for the bench to straddle the rear floor bar of the cage. This will not be possible if you position the cage hard against a wall or add the cable system upgrade.
  • Net weight: 56kg
  • Measurements:
    • Height: 210cm
    • Width: 111cm
    • Depth: 113cm
    • Frame: 50mm X 50mm


Great valueReview by Taylor49
This is simple to put together, took me about an hour on my own. Make sure you have a wrench and spanner to do it as quickly as possible.

Once put together it is very solid and feels extremely sturdy. The 7ft mirafit bar is pretty much a must have to go with it.

I would say that if you are buying a bench to go with it then the Mirafit adjustable one is not going to work for you as the frame of it will prevent it being positioned correctly for bench presses. I was lucky enough to have a flat bench that works well with it.

Can't imagine ever needing anything more than this as far as racks go.
(Posted on 12/26/19)
DisappointingReview by Jo
Was reasonably easy to put together. Not the sturdiest; ok with forward/backward movement, but any lateral movement causes quite a bit of sway.

The biggest issue is the versatility. Because of the placement of the horizontal strut at the bottom it makes it very difficult to squat and bench off that side. When trying to squat, your feet hit the strut. With benching, the bar is a bit further behind your head than many may like as you cannot put the bench over that strut (the pegs for the cable attachment get in the way). Squatting can be done off the other side, but benching only works if you don't require the safety bars.

All in all, its ok for the price and probably suitable to the majority of people that will be looking for a home gym rack, but I think we will be looking at another option from elsewhere in the future. (Posted on 11/4/19)
Excellent and functionalReview by Mike
It was easy to put together, it fits in my garage, and it feels really solid still after 12 months of use.

I wouldn't lift heavier weights in a more expensive rack. (Posted on 5/14/19)
Excellent.Review by Kevin P
Very good indeed. I only intend to lift 120k. This does over twice that. (Do you know how heavy that is ???) It you want to do serious body building you might want something else but this is absolutely fine for anyone who wants to get a fighter's physique. (Posted on 4/10/19)
GreatReview by Dan
Great rack, i bought this in january 2016 and used 3-4 times a week since, i have gone up to 180kg on this rack with no problems and this was on the spotter bars and no bending has occured,
The one down side is a aggressive knurled bar does start to grind away at the uprights when re racking bench press, so i would advise a plastic collar of some sort than can protect the upright, kind of like the plastic bumpers that are on J hooks.
(Posted on 12/1/18)
Ok but a problem exists. Review by Russ
I have got to say as a rack it’s good but the pulley keeps giving me problems. 3 times now the nylon has torn off the cable leaving me with the lower pulley being of no use. When using it for rows it always seems to drag on the metal plate which sits on the rubber stop ball, this then strips the outer nylon to leave an exposed cable. Mirafit have replaced it twice but I haven’t even owned it for a month yet and 3 fails. Clearly this must be design flaw. (Posted on 11/13/18)
Great build and valueReview by chris
I was skeptical about all the positive reviews, but can agree with all of them.
amazing build quality and value. My only regret is that I did not but this with the lat/row attachment (which I will definitely be purchasing in the future). I will definitely be purchasing again from Mirafit. (Posted on 3/14/18)
Great product and price!!Review by Andy
I purchased my m1 250kg power rack back in July. I have used it at least 3 times a week since then and haven’t noticed any problems whatsoever. It’s really sturdy and fits in my garage perfectly.
I assembled it in less than 30mins. Instructions were clear and easy to follow.
I also purchased at the same time the 7ft Olympic barbell and weight plates, and using them with the rack is fantastic. I would say that if, like me, you are buying a bar to go with the rack then you’re going to have to get the 7ft one as I would say that any of the smaller bars wouldn’t fit on the barbell stops. That’s just going on what it looks like with the 7ft one on.
Anyway, great products, great price and very quick delivery. This is not the first purchased I have made from Mirafit and it will not be the last. Great job Mirafit! (Posted on 12/21/17)
Excellent piece of kit, even better price.Review by Frank
Like others, have found this to be a great piece of kit, especially as I have been able to install it in my garage. Interesting process, cage height 210 cms, garage rafter height
217cms. Very happy with stability and the black finish doesn't come off on your hands, ditto chromed spotter bars, pull up bar or barbell rests. With a couple of lengths of 25mm broom handle trimmed to workable length, I can fit them in the hole above the bar and change plates without bar clanging up at one end. It all means I can work out safely by myself. Brilliant. Note that if you have restricted space you need to allow space for the spotter bars to be pulled out completely to adjust height. Obvious I know but ???????????????? (Posted on 8/23/17)
Perfect for garage gymReview by Chris
It assembles easily, and feels like a solid piece of kit for someone who is not needing to lift more than 550lbs.

I would highly recommend. (Posted on 4/11/17)
Great bit of kitReview by ECD
Sturdy, safe, plenty of options for adjusting pegs - all if which have made a huge impact on my progression as a beginner lifter. I have found no negatives other than my own
frustration during construction, although it wasn't actually difficult to assemble, and the chipping of black paint to silver which doesn't bother me (apart from the need to vacuum)
and I imagine will not bother most others either.

Full review:
I've been using this piece of equipment for a couple of months now and only have good things to say. I am a beginner lifter looking to increase my strength which sometimes
means failing reps when I'm constantly pushing my capabilities.

This piece of equipment makes it easier to lift with good form due the the numerous options for adjusting the pegs, making sure the weights can be de-racked in the right place for
me. This is important both for people new to lifting learning good form for the first time, and those looking to maintain good form as they lift much heavier than beginners.
I feel safer knowing I can duck out of a squat (or whatever lift) if I need to, without dropping a load of weight through my floor or flatting myself under the barbell.
It has a pull up bar (the full and correct use of this being purely an ambition for me at the moment, admittedly).

Small negatives:
I found it frustrating to construct, although it's not actually difficult, to be fair, I'm just impatient.
For anyone who cares (doesn't bother me personally), the black scratches to silver where you put the pegs etc. in most often.
Overall, very pleased with my purchase, which was also delivered within a few days at a very reasonable delivery charge.
On a side note, I also contacted Mirafit with a question prior to purchasing anything from them, and received a quick and accurate response.

Thank you Mirafit. (Posted on 11/20/16)
Love itReview by Sam
Spent a long time looking for a pull-up bar / squat rack combo and this one was one of the very few that was both affordable and covered all my requirements.Great price, and
good construction. I found it can wobble slightly when applying some lateral force but generally solid in normal use. Extremely useful and smart design, and would definitely
recommend. (Posted on 10/23/16)
Perfect priceReview by Paul Gee
I was a bit sceptical of all the glowing reviews but they are dead right.

The boxes arrived over two days which meant I couldn't put it together straight away but then the delivery is crazy cheap, so I can't complain.

Cage is very sturdy once built, which was very straightforward. Compared to the Marcy SR 50 squat rack it replaces, it is in a different league. Far greater array holes for the
perfect positioning of bars, wish I'd ordered an extra set of pins though.

The pull up bar is solid and provides plenty of grip, heaving my 14.5 stone body up on it doesn't even cause a wobble.

Started to squat and bench press heavier weights now I have the confidence of the catch bars should I fail to lift.

Buying the dip bars were a useful addition and fit well. Just wish the plate storage bars could be fitted to the front uprights.

Overall you will not find a better cage at this price. (Posted on 7/20/16)
Why pay more great priceReview by DjC
After looking for a squat cage for weeks I didn't think i could get one for less then £200. I decided to try this cheaper one at £130, but didn't have high hopes. Not expecting much, I
have been very impressed by the service, delivery and above all the product - strong, sturdy construction and does everything it should. I am a very happy customer (Posted on 5/21/16)
Great price and Quality kitReview by Pughie
After scanning the internet I came across this equipment and couldn't believe the price if I'm being honest and after reading the above reviews I thought I would go for it and am I happy I did.

As a semi professional rugby player and using power cages I must say the quality is fantastic compared to the ones we use and perfect for my garage gym. Instructions are
precise and put together very easily.

I ordered this on the Friday and it was with me on the Monday.

If you are looking for a quality, sturdy and great price power cage then look no further trust me.

Will be buying more products through Mirafit !!! (Posted on 5/9/16)
Brilliant Piece of Equipment!!Review by Idris
I purchased this power cage for my home gym. I contemplated over the fact of it being sturdy enough to use and not be flimsy considering the price. But it is certainly able to
withstand at least 150 kg of weight on the barbell. and over 100kg on the pull up bar. It is a great piece of equipment and I recommend. (Posted on 5/7/16)
Ideal for home gymsReview by John
I was hesitating to buy this at first because I was worried that the quality would be poor, but after seeing a friends Mirafit equipment in their home gym I was totally reassured. This
is a top quality product; it feels stable and looks good. The top weight I will be using it with is 150Kg and it easily copes with that. Highly recommend getting yourself one of these
so you don't have to queue up at the gym just to get your squats done. (Posted on 3/25/16)
Super piece of equipmentReview by Katiecore
Having my own pt studio I needed something that offered different functions....
Bench, Squat, pull ups that my clients could use, I think this rack is perfect for a small pt suite or at home as its value for money, looks lovely and does everything one person
would want.

Only took 30 mins to fix up and the frame maybe be light enough to move around (if needs be) but strong enough for a 16st man to use for pull ups (Posted on 3/12/16)
Perfect for home useReview by Stuart
I've wanted to set up a garage gym for a while. Delivery was fine and the set up of the cage was easy (very easy if you have two socket sets for assembly) and took about 20
minutes. The verticals were well labelled and the instructions were clear.

immediately tried it out and was impressed at how solid it felt for benching, squatting and chin ups. The Mirafit dip bars fit perfectly and make dips super easy.

Only slight criticism is that the depth of the hooks is too deep and you have to lift the bar out instead of sliding it out, so I'll look at getting some shallow J-hooks or adapting the current ones with an angle grinder.

All in all, a very solid piece of kit and very happy with the purchase. (Posted on 2/16/16)
Very impressive, Bargain at this priceReview by Callum
Set this up today and have completed my first workout on it. Its very sturdy and is of a high quality, very impressed for the price I paid. Took about 40 minutes to put together on my own, simple enough, no need for a second pair of hands.
Its worth noting that this came in 2 separate deliveries for me (may not be the case for everyone). The four upright bars at each corner were delivered first, with the dip bars that I also ordered (not included with this cage) and then the rest turned up in another 2 boxes the next day. Not an issue at all just thought it was worth mentioning.
Also on of my boxes came damaged and there are slight chips to the top bar with the mirafit logo on it, again not really an issue as this will probably take a battering anyway.
Obviously this is a problem with the courier and not with mirafit, hence why I have still given 5 stars.
Seriously, if your fed up of queueing to use these at the gym then buy this if you have the space. (Posted on 1/20/16)
Fantastic Quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY BUY BUYReview by Jon4th4n
You will not regret buying this power rack.

i have used this for 6 months now and have safely been squatting in excess of 100kg with no wobble whatsoever. i even do pull ups with the weights still on the squat rack and its as safe as houses!!

after doing weeks of research prior to purchasing the squat rack and looking at much more expensive alternatives i decided to buy this one!

AND IM SO GLAD I DID. ive seen worse squat racks at commercial gyms and decided to make my own gym in my garage.

you wont need anything else except this.

i use this for

Absolutely amazing bit of kit and so strudy and robust. Im 26 years old now and im 100% convinced ill still be using it when im 96 ( if i live that long)

It takes about 1 hour to assemble but you only need an adjustable spanner or 2 for all the nuts and bolts but its very simple and the easy to build and im no DIYer at all.

BUY BUY BUY for the price and for the quality. you will not find one any cheaper and even the more expensive ones arent as good as this.

i will definately be using MIRAFIT again!! When asked from friends where to look for their home gym equipment i always direct them to MIRAFIT. (Posted on 12/16/15)
Great value, great kitReview by Mike
I’ve been looking at upgrading my old bar stand for a long time now, but power racks have always been prohibitively priced. When I saw this, priced as low as it was, it grabbed my attention (I found it on amazon initially before buying direct) but equally I was worried about the quality. Reading the positive reviews made me take a chance and I’m glad I did – it’s built solidly and smartly, only taking about half an hour to put together by myself (definitely buy a ratcheting spanner if you don’t have one) and feels as solid as anything I’ve seen for twice this price.

I’ve used it for a few months now and it’s never felt like it will let me down, shows no sign of weakness or damage and it does exactly what you would expect it to. The pegs are a good size, the safety bars feel solid and the pullup bar is excellent.

Now that’s all the praise – small criticism time: The holes for the pegs/safety bars are not that close together so you don’t have as much flexibility as you do with some commercial racks I’ve used, but I doubt they could have got much closer without compromising the strength of it and that’s hardly a dealbreaker.

The back bar along the floor gets in the way of pushing the bench further back - usually the legs and supporting beam are further back so you can push the bench all the way
under. My bench has a slight overhang past its own legs though so luckily it hasn’t been a problem. It does mean that I can’t incline the bench much though, as once I raise the
bench too far it’s too far forward to hold the bar.

The holes for the plate storage (sold nice and cheap separately) are in poorly thought out places. The lowest pair are fine - nice and low and not in the way of anything - but the second lot are around bench height. This means that when you have a bar set up to bench you can’t have any larger plates on the storage bar as they’ll hit each other. When the bar is higher for squats this isn’t an issue, but most people will want to strip the weight off the bar when they move from squats to bench press, and this means they can’t strip the plates off straight onto the storage bars. Consequently I just don’t use the higher storage bars, which is a shame.

Despite those small flaws this is a definite recommendation from me – I doubt you could buy the materials to make your own at this price.

I decided to go for the cheaper option as my original scepticism about the quality stopped me spending any more. I’m regretting not getting the 350kg heavy version now though,having felt the quality of Mirafit’s goods first hand, as while the 250kg limit isn’t an issue for me right now, my lifts are getting back up to a decent level quite quickly and if the 350kg one is as well made as this then I imagine it would have done me for life. If 250kg will do you for the foreseeable future then this is absolutely perfect. (Posted on 12/9/15)
Excellent qualityReview by Superman
Great piece of kit. Solid and well worth the money. Strength gains has been insane using this piece of equipment so defo thumbs up. (Posted on 11/12/15)
Fantastic quality and unbelievable price.Review by Big Don
Great piece of equipment and a must for any home gym.

You can really feel the quality.

I went to a few stores to look at power cages and this one is comparable to a £500 power cage without the price tag.

It always a good feeling that when you are pushing heavy you can Max yourself out and have no fear of being crushed. I am sure this has contributed to benching a extra 100lbs since I got the power cage.

You know when you have brought the right item when 1 year later you are still consistently using the item. (Posted on 10/23/15)
Excellent EquipmentReview by Sean
This is a great piece of equipment, my friend bought one and when I seen it I was amazed with the build quality.

I have been a gym member for years and seeing the quality of this Power cage made me decide to go down the Home gym route.

Will be buying more from Mirafit. (Posted on 7/20/15)

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