Mirafit M1 Squat & Dip Rack - Spotter Adjustable

Our Squat and Dip Racks can be adjusted to suit the size of your weight bar, and can also be used as a dip station or for bench pressing. The adjustable spotters will catch your barbell should you fail so you can train safely. 250kg max. weight load.

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  • Mirafit Squat/spotter Rack With Dip Bars
  • Fully adjustable - adjust width, rack height and spotter height
  • Ideal for squats, dips and bench presses
  • Suitable for use with both standard and Olympic sized bars
  • Heavy duty 50mm steel tube frame
  • 13 bar rest positions (5cm gaps)
  • 7 spotter levels (5cm gaps)
  • 10 width settings (5cm gaps)
  • 250kg max load
  • Measurements:
    • Total width: 77cm - 117cm
    • Rack height: 93cm - 151cm
    • Spotter height: 63cm - 93cm
    • Depth: 100cm
    • Total max. Height: 163cm
  • Please note tools required for assembly are not included


Quality a great rack I have used for over 7 months and I’m loving it very versatile for price cannot fault it and I would say is undervalued Review by Robert
Great over all undervalued as I think it is amazing use across all workouts as well as very sturdy
(Posted on 7/2/19)
Mirafit M1 Squat & Dip Rack - Spotter AdjustableReview by NRG
Really happy with this addition to my home gym, toyed with the idea of purchasing a full rack before deciding to give this piece of kit a go - I'm very happy with it - Its easy put together, a good strong build - I use if for squatting, flat & incline benching - I've no regrets with my decision. (Posted on 3/11/19)
Twice sent a damaged productReview by Dom
Do not buy. First rack I received the thread is so damaged you cannot screw the pin in, this was on both sides and the rack simply could not be put together. Customer service were quite good in arranging for another rack to be dropped off and the damaged one collected, only to have a different problem, in one of the slots an arm goes into, it is no where near square and again wasn’t able to put the rack together. I had to use pliers to bend it back in to shape as I couldn’t be bothered with sending it back and getting one with a third issue. Simply do not buy as the quality is poor and they clearly don’t have an inspection process. (Posted on 1/5/19)
ExcellentReview by MBK
Very solid and well built squat rack. Excellent value for money. (Posted on 8/14/18)
Good piece of kitReview by James
Took 20 to 25 mins to put together, 5 mins unpack few mins to check all there, few mins to put in position and put bolts in holes. Less than 10 minutes to secure. Need either 2 17 mm spanners or 1 17 'll spanner and socket set with 17 mm. That's what I used. Then less than 5 mins put rest together. Few scratches on it when came but I put more with first use.love the extendable arm so can make use of dips etc but left wide due to restriction of elbows hitting safety bars. I prefer to push weight from central under bar not lift at angle. My adjustable bench fits no problems under it (Posted on 4/23/18)
BrilliantReview by Sir Paul
Very good piece of kit and good that it can be minimised with the orange bar design meaning that it can slide to a width of about 33 inches. I also purchased some butterfly nuts for the m10 bolts which meant the bar was even sturdier (£3.49 for a pack of 10, only 6 are needed). (Posted on 11/30/17)
This rack is simply fantasticReview by Cluelessgoon
This rack is simply fantastic. As a lifter of over 30 years I've owned (and built) a lot of racks. Here's some pros and cons of this one:

- No abrasion protection on the load-bearing surfaces
- Could have higher vertical catchers (the bit you hit when walking in from squats) on the main uprights to allow safer walk in
- Threaded width locking pin is odd but you don't have to use it (I don't).

- Super portable (I move house a lot) folds down in minutes into 3 small sections
- Very small footprint during use in all directions
- Great load rating up to 250kg
- Quick release stoppers to allow super fast adjustment
- Great adjustment range - can do floor press from catchers
- Ability to use the static horizontal frame for rack lockouts
- Ability to do dips between the catchers (using the catchers directly or between 2 straight bars) or the dip handles
- Dip handles double up as weight store
- Can do chins ups from the main uprights off an olympic bar, can use rings from a bar on the main uprights
- Can use the catchers and a board to do; reverse hypers, seal rows etc
- Adjustable width allows me to use the catchers to load up shorter bars
- Width adjustment allows me to create a solid surface for use as a tabletop to load up dumbells or use as a standing/seated desk
- Rack is light enough to boost the height using blocks or plates quickly
- Quick release stoppers allow you to tighten fully for no-wobble setting
- Spare quick release pin included
- The Orange/Black colours rock.
- The space between the vertical uprights and the front of the horizontal catchers is narrow enough for the bar to not disappear down between them if you fail (see other racks don't always do this) (Posted on 7/7/17)
Best you can get for PriceReview by JC
Received this last week. Took me 25 minutes to put together & instructions are easy to follow. So far I have used for Back squats up to 140kgs on a 7Foot Oly Bar (can work with 5 or 6 foot also as adjustable), I have used the spotters for floor press (90kgs) as well. I have also used the Dip Handles (adjusted to the narrowest - which may still be too wide for smaller people) . Really happy with it. It sways a little like you would expect when you are loading up the weight but I am sure its good for 200kgs plus like its rated at - If you are tight on space or do not have the Budget for a fully fledged Rack - this is an excellent option. I am chuffed with it. (Posted on 5/22/17)
Good Quality even better priceReview by Jav
I purchased this about 3 months ago for my small workout room and it has given me a great deal of flexibility as far as what I can work into my routine. It adjusts in mere moments allowing me to set it for bench press/squats/dips (use a 6ft bar). Price speaks for itself. -thumbs up- (Posted on 5/3/17)
BargainReview by Robert Smith
This will surprise you by how heavy duty it is compared to those flimsy benches with the stands for resting your weights at the same price. I done weights for years ages ago so knew what I was looking for to get going again and this is perfect for a small room or to store in a cupboard. You won't out grow it unless you become huge and it keeps you properly safe for benching and squatting in comparison to these cheaper rigs.

If you don't have the room for a cage then this is the next best option. (Posted on 1/28/17)
Great bit of kit.Review by William
Bought this about 14 months ago to replace a pair of squat stands due to out growing them.

After a lot of comparing I went for the mirafit because of cost and specification.

Not disappointed at all. I have a relatively small space for my weight training and this is pretty compact but allows me squat and bench with reasonable weight and is totally solid. I've only needed the spotter bars once but I can definitely recommend having them once you start getting to your body weight for benching or heading over 100kg for squats you can be confident they will get you out of trouble if needed.

Great purchase and just as good as other brands similar far more expensive alternatives. (Posted on 1/7/17)
Beaut of a bargainReview by Michael
Being new to lifting I didn't want to spend too much to begin with and a rack was out the question for the spare room due to size.

I'm doing stronglifts 5x5 and this stand is absolutely perfect for it. 4 weeks in I'm still chuffed with my purchase, It adjusts in no time at all for each workout and I just keep the spotters to one height. Nice and simple.

It seems to be absolutely solid and even handles my attempts at dips admirably. I can't see me reaching a limit on it for a long time and it will never break so I'm sorted. I'll definitely get a rack for the garage once it is complete. (Posted on 7/11/16)
No more gym membershipReview by Scott
Purchased the rack, 6ft barbell, plates and adjustable bench for the spare bedroom and I'm loving it. I use the rack for squats and bench presses. The rack was easy to set up, is very sturdy and easy to adjust.
I had concerns that the 6ft barbell would be too narrow for bench pressing but all is good. I'm 5ft 10" and bench press with my elbows approx 89cm apart. I have the rack set to a width of 94cm (measured between the inside of each spotter) and the bar sits comfortably on the stands.
With the rack at its narrowest setting the dip bars are too wide for me - only a minor grumble.

(Posted on 5/2/16)
Really goodReview by Paul
Really impressed, great with 7 foot bar. Been using for a few months, would definitely recommend. (Posted on 4/10/16)
Quality equipment at a competitive priceReview by Mike
Solid rack, easy to assemble and affordable in comparison to most competitors.
I'm using my rack with a 7ft bar. Everything feels safe and sturdy.
The spotters are useful without being obstructive. (Posted on 2/2/16)
Sturdy, great value for moneyReview by Lee
I found this rack after searching around the web, I was surprised that it was so much cheaper than other better know brands, however the specification was the same. I decided to make the purchase and very pleased I did, its a sturdy piece of equipment, and has multiple uses, best used for squat and bench press.

One thing I'd point out you is if you're looking to do bench press on this unit you will need a 6 foot bar minimum (I would recommend the 7 foot) otherwise the spotters get in the way.

If your having any doubts don't, you wont be disappointed.

Fast and cheap delivery. Thanks (Posted on 9/18/15)
Impressive Review by Ben
Really impressive for the price. Feels very sturdy. Great substitute for a full cage. Mainly using it for bench press and no complaints. Does everything you would expect. (Posted on 6/3/15)
Impressive Review by Ben
Great piece of kit for the price. Feels really sturdy. Mainly using it for bench press and no complaints. Great substitute for a full cage. Does everything you would expect. (Posted on 6/3/15)
Lots of bang for your buckReview by Flack
Great piece of kit. Had it for around 3 weeks now, at half the price of the next nearest competitor and only £20 more expensive than the much cheaper and less safe amazon/ebay special stands, this squat stand offers great value. The spotter bars are sturdy and have a multitude of uses other than just safety. Easy to put together, instructions are basic but its pretty intuitive as to which bits go where. Build time ~20 mins. Only minor niggle is the dip bars are slightly too far apart for me personally, I am quite lean so would probably not affect you if you are slightly broader than normal.

All in all very happy with the purchase. Good design, speedy and cheap delivery costs would recommend to anyone looking to build/improve their home gym. (Posted on 3/31/15)

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