Mirafit M1 250kg Power Rack with Cable System

Get everything you need to train at home with an M1 250kg Power Rack. The durable frame comes with spotter bars which allow you to squat and bench press safely. Each power cage comes with a full set of cables so you can supplement your training.

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  • Mirafit m1 250Kg power Cage With Cable System
  • Available in choice of black or silver
  • Fully adjustable - 21 levels
  • 2 x full length chrome safety bars
  • 4 x chrome barbell rests
  • 4 x bars on side to hold weights
  • High and low cable pulley system - simply add weight plates up to your desired weight level
  • Perform pull downs and seated rows to maximise workouts
  • Includes curl bar and wide lat pull down bar
  • Built-in solid steel pull up bar
  • Strong design - 250kg max barbell load - 100kg max pulley load
  • Thick steel frame tubing
  • Non-slip protective rubber feet
  • Please note: tools required for assembly are not included
  • Important: for bench press exercises it may be necessary for the bench to straddle the rear floor bar of the cage. This will not be possible if you position the cage hard against a wall or add the cable system upgrade.
  • Net weight: 75kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 220cm
    • Width: 151cm
    • Depth: 143cm
    • Frame: 50mm x 50mm


Wish ListReview by Mwy
Used it twice at a relative's house, LOVED it and reading the fantastic reviews it's on my wish list. One day...one day! (Posted on 10/12/19)
Excellent.Review by Kevin P
At the price it's better than we deserve. If you want to lift seriously big weights then spend a lot more but this is perfect for those of us who are quite happy training at a beginner to intermediate level. (Posted on 3/11/19)
Review of cage purchased in 2016Review by Elaine
I felt after all this time I should give an update on my review (cage purchased in 2016). Well, it's still great, no complaints at all, getting used more than ever now. Was used to dry clothes for a while, to be honest. But now I'm using it 5 days a week. Don't worry about how well priced it is, you will not be disappointed, wish could add pictures of my home gym, looks great. Got the Mirafit spinbike too. (Posted on 1/25/19)
strong as a bull Review by Parkecore
We have had this bit of kit for a few years now and its been great using it ourselves and also with our PT clients and its been great very functional and with the pulley system it adds far more functionally to the cage. Wonderful service and great product.

Easy to build and once set up feels very solid and well made.

nice work Mirafit (Posted on 8/31/17)
Very pleased with power cage!!!Review by GAB
was informed that the item would be with me by the Thursday and emailed them back for it to be changed to the Friday and it arrived on Friday in the time scale they said. Can't fault that. Took about an hour and half to put up on my own and that was taking my time. Really simple. Cage is very sturdy and does not take up to much room. Worked out using it a few times and can not fault it. (But it it earlydays). So far so good and happy days!
I will repeat what another reviewer said which caught my eye when thinking about buying this: "Don't let the low price put you off".
So go for it because it is very good value for the price. (Posted on 4/25/17)
Amassing Product Review by Evgeni M
Amassing product and on great price. Thank you! (Posted on 3/5/17)
Excellent product Review by Julie
Bought this product 3 days ago. Fast delivery as well as being able to track roughly the time when it is going to be delivered on the day.
Bought this for my son aged 25. Very easy to set up with excellent instructions. Product is described exactly as on website. Good quality and sturdy. Not tried as yet with a bench so can't comment. Overall my son is very happy, definitely a good buy!! (Posted on 12/20/16)
Excellent value & great qualityReview by Neil
My wife recently purchased this item as an early Xmas present along with some other accessories, I couldn't be happier with the product & customer service. Item arrived promptly to my address (Scottish highlands) & delivery charge was very reasonable which is not usually the case living where we do even for small items never mind a large heavy item like this.
I found the assembly pretty straight forward following the instructions provided.
The cage is sturdy & cable assembly is good too.
I would certainly recommend the product & will be using Mirafit again in the future. (Posted on 12/7/16)
Made up!!Review by Pyeman
After training at home for 18 months with just dumbells this is a perfect addition to my home gym.

I can now safely squat and bench on my own knowing I have safety bars that I have every confidence in.

The cable setup works surprisingly well for such a 'cheap' item.

Delighted with this item.

This needs a 6' bar (or bigger). The plates on my 5' bar clash with the cage, but I just slide them out a couple of inches and works fine for me. (Posted on 10/31/16)
Great product and serviceReview by Spiralizer
This cage is very sturdy and solidly built, and easily as good as anything in my local gym, and the pully system is also excellent and and very well designed.

As another reviewer pointed out, with the pulley system attached some people may find bench presses difficult (although not impossible) if used in conjunction with the semi commercial weight bench due to the layout of its feet within the power cage, but that issue aside I expect to get years worth of use from this equipment due to its high quality construction.

I would also like to take this opportunity to comment on Mirafits' customer service. I originally bought my power cage from Amazon, who only sell a version without the cable system, and it wasn't until a couple of months later that I realised there was a version with this feature available on Mirafits' own website.

I contacted them and although they weren't able to sell me the cable system separately, they very kindly allowed me to return my old power cage which they refunded in order for me to upgrade to the one with the full pully system. They were under no obligation to do this and I was very impressed with the service they gave me regarding this issue, and as a result of this gesture the company has my loyalty for all my future fitness purchases. (Posted on 9/2/16)
Perfect for home gymReview by Tom
Very impressed with this product. Perfect for anyone looking to build a home gym and easy to assemble on your own. The pulley system is very impressive as have had a different one before which was pretty poor quality, but this is robust and sturdy, great for most cable exercises. Also a great range of attachments available including dip bars (a massive bonus for anyone who doesn't want to buy "fix to the wall" dip bars or a separate dip station). Will definitely be purchasing from the MiraFit range for most other home gym equipment. (Posted on 8/18/16)
Perfect for home gymReview by Tom
Very impressed with this product. Perfect for anyone looking to build a home gym and easy to assemble on your own. The pulley system is very impressive as have had a different one before which was pretty poor quality, but this is robust and sturdy, great for most cable exercises. Also a great range of attachments available including dip bars (a massive bonus for anyone who doesn't want to buy "fix to the wall" dip bars or a separate dip station). Will definitely be purchasing from the MiraFit range for most other home gym equipment. (Posted on 8/18/16)
Great rack system system Review by Rene
We installed this power cage system last year and we have been impressed with its capability. Its well made and can be adapted into many different exercises. With the cable machine I would recommend this system for any home gym use. (Posted on 7/6/16)
Affordable power cageReview by Rsoni83
After looking for a power cage for nearly 3 month and reviewing the mirafit 250kg power cage. I'm very please with the efficency of it and the flexibility of the power cage. One things is it took me about 4 hours to put the power cage up but it wasn't difficult. So am very please with it, after having it for the last 2 months. (Posted on 6/6/16)
ExcellentReview by Elaine
So pleased with newly acquired Mirafit cage with pulley.
Did a lot of research before I purchased this one, the only real consern I had how cheap it is. The pictures on this site really don't do it justice. It's strong, well made and really quite good looking. Don't let the low price put you off, you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 5/2/16)
Amazing product for an amazing price!Review by Paul
Had a delivery error with my order which was sorted out by customer services promptly. Product is solid, functional and very simple to assemble single handed in fully upright position. Dip bars(ordered separately) fitted perfectly and take plenty of weight with no flex. All in all, could not be happier, 100%! (Posted on 4/30/16)
Great rack Review by Veiny traps
This rack has helped me build ultra lats and mega traps, i often get mistaken for a giant cobra. My quads have developed big time, it's like I've got roast chickens seloptaped to my thighs! My neck thickness has also increased, it looks like a huge kebab (you know, on a spit). Just this morning a guy said (gees bro, you are thick) I said thanks, I've been working on my back thickness! This rack has changed my life, I can now do 5000 pull ups in a row! (Posted on 3/16/16)
Great ProductsReview by wallace
Great product with all the attachments that are a good price. (Posted on 3/4/16)
Excellent!Review by Claudia
The item came within 2 days, all 4 packages came together with clear instructions to set it up. Great rack love it (Posted on 2/2/16)
Perfect home gym rackReview by Calavera
I have owned this rack for about 5 months now, it is excellent.

I managed to put it together alone with no trouble. You will need two wrenches to get everything tight.

The high and low cable work great, though you might want to purchase some more cable attachments to make full use.

Beware that it will not be possible to bench inside this rack using the semi-commercial mirafit adjustable bench. The rack is also quite light and can move around as you re-rack the bar so you might want to buy an extra pair of 20kg plates to help weigh the rack down.

For the price, this is an amazing bit of kit for anyone seeking to set up their own home-gym. It is also a much better way to spend your money than lining the pockets of commercial gym owners. (Posted on 1/6/16)
BargainReview by Nunnehi
What a bargain this was, instructions are easy to follow once constructed its very solid. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a power cage without breaking the bank. (Posted on 1/4/16)
Great bit of kitReview by Vic
I was in the market for a power cage and actually found this one on Amazon, so came over to Mirafit.co.uk to get more info, only to find it listed cheaper here than there. Which was a bit of a bonus.

Mirafit delivered the cage (which comes well packaged in three manageable boxes) along with a couple of other items I wanted, very quickly and with no hassles.

As for the cage itself; it is a bit of a Meccano set and takes some assembly, however I managed to put the whole thing together myself, by manhandling the frame and lying it down for most of the construction. A job that would have been a lot easier with another pair of hands.

The assembly instructions are relatively straightforward, with only the cable system being a bit of a head scratcher. One word of warning though; the four uprights are listed as the same part number, but are a little different, so check the drawings for the hole positions and you should avoid a couple of errors I had to correct on the fly.

Once together, the frame is very, very sturdy and in black (my choice) looks quite impressive. You may want to check the length of your bench however, because with the cable attachment in place, you may find it a little tight for incline bench press work (flat and decline are very comfortable), basically a bench which overhangs its rear legs by six inches or so and you should be fine.

All in all a great bit of kit and for me, one of those rare occasions where a purchase out matched my expectations.
(Posted on 6/23/15)
pure quality nearly 100%Review by bigman87
Great product. Great variety for workouts. Solid frame. Nearly ten out of ten but no dip bars. Unfortunately after purchasing I see the 350kg hd range has dip attachment. I have to have these for my power rack but can't seem to be able to buy separately.
Can't knock anything else though. Very happy with my purchase. Everything solid and sturdy and does exactly what it says on tin.
Thanks guys.

P.s. Please sell my them dip bars. I must have a pair. (Posted on 2/22/15)

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