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Power Cages & Racks

If you’re looking to build a garage gym, then you’ll need a power rack. They’re quality, functional pieces of gym equipment which can form the basis of any home gym. Power cages are fundamental for full body strengthening. The solid steel construction allows them to take the weight of your high impact training. Complete with spotter bars, our power racks allow you to squat and bench press safely. The frames also include a pull up bar, so you can work on your wide grip, as well as neutral grip chin ups. And if you’re looking for the complete package, we have power racks with cable systems too. Store your weights on the weight storage bars or check out our M2 Half Power Rack with Storage System for a great, space-saving solution for your garage gym. And once you have got your power rack, head over to our weights and bars section to complete your power rack set up with barbells, weight plates and weight lifting accessories. And if you need more info on using your rack, check out our blog on How To Use A Power Rack.