Plyo Jump Boxes

Plyometric exercises are fantastic for combining strength with speed for a more powerful workout. Our plyo jump boxes are available in wood or steel for stability, or high density foam, which is ideal for softening any impact as you train. Not only great for box jumps, plyometric boxes are also ideal for incline and decline training such as push ups, mountain climbers and lunges. Our individual jump boxes are 3in1 so you can adjust the height by placing the box on its different sides. Our stackable plyo boxes mean you have a choice of heights to work from. Increase the intensity of your plyometric exercises by stacking them up and taking your workout that little bit higher. Ideal for developing your explosivity, as well as burning calories and working up a real sweat. They’re also a great way to stay motivated and get a workout that’s a little bit different from your usual routine. Our Steel Plyo Jump Boxes are ideal for single leg work such as pistol squats and they're a great extra for your home gym. And when you're done, you can stack them to save on space. And if power and explosivity are your focus, head over to our weights & bars section to check out our selection of medicine balls and slam balls. Perfect for supplementing your plyometric training.