The Mirafit Pull Up Bar Buyers' Guide

What is a pull up bar?

A pull up bar is made up of a bar and two brackets which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. They’re used to train the back, biceps and shoulders but can be used for a range of core exercises too.

They’re ideal for anyone looking to train using their own bodyweight. And perfect if you want to practise and train regularly at home.

You can also get multi grip pull up bars which are great for helping to vary your workouts and keep a neutral grip – which can help if you have any issues with your joints.

Full-sized power racks also come with a pull up bar. So, if you’re thinking of setting up a home or garage gym, this is great way of including a pull up bar in your set up.

Buyers Guide - Pull up bars

Why train with a pull up bar?

Pull ups are one of the best ways to train your back. And bodyweight exercises allow you to train more naturally. They’re also great for improving your functional fitness levels.

Pull up bars also allow you to train your core. And there are lots of ways you can supplement your training to get stronger as well as develop your skill-set.

And because there is so much you can do using a pull up bar, there’s always something new to focus on and challenge you.

  M1 Ceiling Pull Up Bar M2 Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Ceiling and Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar M3 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  M1 Ceiling Pull Up Bar M2 Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Ceiling and Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar M3 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Measurements: Bar diameter:

Total width:

Total distance from ceiling:

Bar diameter:

Total width:

Total distance from wall:

Bar diameter:

Total width:

Total distance from wall/ceiling:

Bar diameter:
Fits 2.5cm-3cm bars

Total width:

Total distance from wall:

Max weight load: 200kg 150kg 200kg 150kg
Adjustable? No No No Yes (two positions)
Knurled? No Yes No No
Multi grip? Yes Yes No No
Suitable for muscle ups? No Yes Yes (when wall mounted) Yes

What our experts have to say

Pull up bars are one of the best pieces of equipment for developing stronger biceps, because you have your whole bodyweight on your arms. Bodyweight exercise are also some of the most fundamental types of exercises you can do.

Pull up bars are compact and can be placed either on a wall, ceiling or as part of a rack. They don’t take up too much space and they’re great for training regularly. Do some before work, after work or every time you pass the bar.

Use them to develop your back and core. And if you’re finding pull ups too hard or too easy, there are lots of ways you can supplement your training to get you where you want to be.

Choosing a pull up bar

If you’ve never bought a pull up bar before, then choosing the right one can be tricky. To help you decide, we’ve listed the main considerations you might want to make before getting one. That way, you can find the best fit.


Where you are going to put your pull up bar is going to one of the main considerations you’ll need to make. You need to have a solid brick wall which is going to keep your bar secure and safe to use.

And the same goes if you’re buying a ceiling mounted pull up bar. You’ll need a solid surface to bolt your bar to.

Then comes the positioning. This will really depend on how tall you are. You want to make sure you’re not jumping up too much to use your pull up bar as doing this repeatedly can strain your joints. However, you do want to make sure your feet aren’t dragging along the floor.

So, work out where you’re going to put your pull up bar first before you decide on which bar you want to get.

Grip thickness

Just like when you use a barbell, grip thickness will make a difference to the difficulty level of your pull ups.

The thicker the bar, the harder it is to do pull ups on. The thinner the bar, the easier it is to use. However, some people prefer a thicker bar as it’s more comfortable to use.


Knurling is the textured effect you find on some weight bars and pull up bars. It’s designed to help you grip onto the bar and is rough to touch.

Knurling is ideal for anyone looking to work on their pull ups as it will help you hold onto the bar. It’s also great for hanging.

Knurling however can interfere a little with your training if you are doing more mobile moves such as muscle ups. So, a smooth bar can make things easier, depending on how you want to train.

Multi grip

Multi grip bars are ideal for helping you train a range of muscles as well as maintain a level of consistency when training.

They’re really versatile and a great choice for beginners.

If you’re more advanced, then you may prefer a single bar. This gives you more freedom to move around the bar as well as perform more advanced pull ups.

Get kitted out

Setting up a garage gym? We’ve thought of everything you might need to go with your pull up bar, so you don’t have to. Browse our ranges, here: