The Mirafit Hula Hoop

The Mirafit Hula Hoop – Why It’s So Essential

Fitness expert Helga Williams loves the Mirafit weighted hula hoop. Here she tells us why it's such an essential part of your fitness routine. 

When it comes to exercise, staying fit and being healthy, Mirafit has a little miracle for you – their latest weighted hula hoop. The Mirafit Hula Hoop has a myriad of benefits but before I get to that, let me inform you as to why this specially designed weighted hoop may be a better choice than its light weight counterpart.

Hula Hoop Features

Mirafit hoops are 1.2 kg in weight meaning that they spin at a slower rate than the classic light-weight, plastic children’s hoop. This makes it slightly easier to keep the hoop around your waist for longer, meaning prolonged muscle engagement and workout benefit. You may just find your hula-groove a little faster than you intended.

The wavy shape of the hoop also helps to keep the hoop on your body for longer and Mirafit has even gone as far as to keep your comfort in mind incorporating soft EVA foam padding. That definitely makes for one of the best quality products on the market.

Benefits Of Using The Mirafit Hula Hoop

Tones and strengthens your core. According to spinning a hula hoop around your waist works 30 core muscles. If that isn’t a great reason to hula, then I don’t know what is.

Tones your back, hips and glutes

Effective for weight-loss requiring only 10 minutes a day consistently to see changes

It is a low-impact activity meaning it does not place pressure on your joints

Excellent to improve your posture, flexibility and balance

Versatile and suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Why I Love It

One of my absolute favourite things about this hula hoop is its 6 piece design. The hoop splits down into the perfect size for travel and therefore you do not have to fear that you will miss out on your favourite workout session when travelling. Even if you just want to take it down to the park or beach you can easily assemble your detachable hoop when you get to your destination and rock those hips!

There is no way to keep a frown on your face while hooping, so besides the fitness and toning benefits hula hooping is also a great stress reliever. The hoops come in green or orange.

Fitter, leaner, stronger, happier...I think I need one in both colours!