Weight benches are an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to get fitter and stronger. And they have a number of benefits which is why you’ll never see a gym without one. Why are they so crucial? Well…

• They’re great for helping you to isolate different muscle groups so that you can concentrate on building and shaping.

• They’re also brilliant for being able to guide and support you in your movements, especially when working with heavy weights.

• Some weight benches are adjustable which allows for a wide range of exercises including incline and decline work.

• They also allow for full extension so when doing exercises such as pec flyes you’ll be able to get a full range of motion, optimising your training efficiency.

• They can be used to assist you with other exercises such as incline and decline press-ups, mountain climbers, bunny hops, single leg squats and core work. Or you can use them for guidance when learning how to squat.

• Weight benches are also great for exercises such as concentration curls which are brilliant for helping you stay on track and reduce the risk of conflicting movements.

So! We’ve established weight benches are a solid piece of training equipment and no gym is complete without one. The only thing to do now is choose which is the right one for you.


What are the different types of weight bench?

When buying a weight bench, the first thing you’ll want to decide is whether you want a flat bench or an adjustable bench.

The flat benches may at first seem like they’re a starter bench, but actually the sturdy straight bench without any connecting joints can make it a pro’s choice. Many of them are capable of supporting you while lifting much heavier weights.

Here’s our guide to the Mirafit range of weight benches:


Flat weight benches


Mirafit M1 Flat Weight Bench

Suitable for a wide range of exercises, this is a great all rounder bench that allows you to perform a range of exercises including bent over rows, bench presses, bunny hops, leg raises, jack knives, push ups, mountain climbers and more.

Max weight capacity: 270kg (evenly distributed, incl. user)


Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Flat Weight Bench

Ideal for pros who want to reach rep max while flat bench pressing, this semi-commercial bench can handle up to 400kg in weight.

Max weight capacity: 400kg (evenly distributed, incl. user)


Adjustable weight benches


Mirafit M1 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

Perfect for those looking for support and guidance while they train, this adjustable weight bench is versatile enough for beginners but can handle a solid amount of weight to allow for plenty of progression. Flat, incline and decline for optimum training.

Max weight capacity: 250kg (evenly distributed, incl. user)


Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench

A step up from the M1 weight bench, the Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench is perfect for use with most power cages (not those with cable systems) and can handle up to 300kg of weight, making this a pro’s choice. Extra adjustable leg/foot holder allows for a range of abdominal exercises too.

Max weight capacity: 300kg (evenly distributed, incl. user)


Weight benches plus kit – what’s available


Mirafit M1 Folding Weight Bench with Dip Station

A great piece of kit for those looking to bench press, the weight bench folds up so it doesn’t take up too much space and the dip bars allow for tricep work.

Max barbell load: 180kg Max user weight: 120kg, Max total weight: 300kg


Mirafit Adjustable Weight Bench & Squat Rack Kit

Great for working the upper and lower body, this adjustable weight bench with squat rack allows for chest work as well as leg work. Spotters allow for rep max and adjustable bench is perfect for targeting both upper and lower chest as well as back and core.

Max weight capacity: 250kg (evenly distributed, incl. user)


And to top it all off…

Mirafit M2 Preacher Curl Bench


Perfect for isolating your biceps, the Preacher Curl is a fantastic piece of equipment to have as part of your home gym. Build strength and muscle with precision technique and form.

Max weight capacity: Max User Weight 130kg, Max Bar Holder Weight 120kg