Man using weight bench to do bicep curls

Strengthening your body is no mean feat. In fact, when it comes to building up your biceps and amplifying your abs, precision, technique, form, weight, timing and reps are all vital components in getting yourself to the next level.

Whether you’re strengthening, toning or defining, many of us get to the stage when we need that little bit extra to help us reach our goals.

Having equipment at home can be brilliant for keeping on top of your strengthening regime. You can pick up your weights, whatever the time of day without wasting precious time walking to and from the gym.

And if you’re fully set up with all the dumbbells and barbells that you need then you might be considering getting a weights bench.


What are the benefits of a weight bench?

Weight benches may seem like an expensive seat but they actually fulfil some very important roles:



Where you might be using free weights while standing up, weight benches support you through your full range of movement, making you less likely to swing your arms as you work out and also targeting muscle groups more precisely.

Many weight benches are also adjustable so that you can perform a full body workout. Incline, decline, sit up, lie flat, support or rest – they are expertly designed to aid you in your workout with different set positions for helping you to isolate specific muscles.


Compound your workout

Man using weight bench to do chest press

Weight benches allow you to strengthen a variety of muscles as well as several muscles at the same time. Balance your full body workout with chest presses, rear delt rises, one-armed dumbbell rows and inclined one-armed dumbbell rows.

Lie back for leg raises, jack knives, sit ups and fully extended over-head sit ups; and sit up for shoulder presses, dumbbell shrugs and one arm bicep curls.

You can also use the bench for tricep dips as well as incline and decline press ups.


Support, grip and extension

Lying back allows you to take a heavier weight as you have the cushioned support of the weight as you go. This positioning also allows you to have a firmer grip on your weight bar.

A key difference to your workout when using a weights bench is your range of motion. The slimlined support allows you to fully extend your muscles. This is particularly important as it allows you to work the whole of your muscle rather than just part of it, increasing overall muscular strength.


Perfect for pros as well as beginners

Mirafit weights bench example

Good technique will benefit you no matter what stage you are at in your weight training. Beginners will find the support of a weight bench particularly useful as it will guide them through their range of motion and stop any sudden sways of movement while maintaining their posture.

Weight training buffs will also enjoy using the weight bench for the precision in targeting muscle groups it offers.

Working on building up your home gym? Add a rack or power cage over the top for even more versatility and range of movement.


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