Top 10 Reasons To Use Battle Ropes

There are two types of people in this world:

1) Those who love battle ropes.

2) Those who don't know what a battle rope is yet.

Well – we think so anyway.

Battle ropes are a fantastic training tool and after you've used one once, it's hard not to get hooked.

What is a battle rope?

Battle ropes tend to be most commonly seen down at bootcamps, as well as down at the gym for things like circuits and HIIT class.

Heavily-weighted, thick ropes, they come in a range of lengths and are extremely versatile in terms of how you can use them.

Use a battle rope anchor or chain to secure the centre of the rope, and then bring the two ends together so they meet – allowing the two halves of rope to run parallel alongside each other.

Holding both ends, start working out by making waves with the rope, up and down or from side to side to target different areas of the body.

As you progress, you can start to incorporate more moves such as power slams, Russian twists and gallops to up the intensity.

Why are battle ropes so popular?

image of mirafit model doing power slams at the lake with a battle rope

Their versatility makes them a simple but effective piece of kit. Not only are they great for helping you to build muscle, they are real cardio killers.

And when you can get an entire workout from just one piece of kit, what's not to love?

By targeting several different areas at once, you can also get a lot more bang for your buck.

Compound exercises are great for strengthening as well as torching fat.

But don't just take our word for it. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should be using a battle rope to work out with:


1) They're easy to pick up

In the world of fitness, there are some exercises which require a lot of practice, technique and concentration. Unlike these however, battle ropes are easy to get to grips with and to be honest, as long as you're putting your all into your workout, you doing it right.

Battle rope exercises combine strength, endurance and cardio training, which is one of the main reasons that makes them so effective. Slam them, add power and really make some waves to get the most out of your rope.

2) Get a great cardio workout

Unlike weightlifting, battle ropes are about speed just as much as they are about power. And when you are putting all you've got into your workout, it's the perfect opportunity to get your sweat on.

Battle ropes are heavy and intense, making them an awesome choice for getting your heart rate up high for a full-on cardio workout.

3) Great for strengthening

Getting strong is about involving a range of training styles into your routine so you're always one step ahead. Battle ropes not only work your arms but they also work your core too.

Having to stay steady while the long rope tries to pull you back in really targets your upper body.

Add in some wall sits or squats and you can target your lower body too.

4) Ideal for working out with a partner

Battle ropes fit right in with bootcamp and HIIT style workouts. They're extremely intense and are perfect for when you're doing short bursts of high impact exercise.

Set up a circuit at home or down at the park and take your training partner with you. As you train your partner can rest and recover and then swap while they take over the ropes.

5) They're really versatile

image of mirafit model using battle ropes outside doing alternate waves

You can do so many different types of exercises using a battle rope, which is ideal for helping you to target different muscles. And they can be incorporated into different routines too.

So, whether you're looking to strengthen, lose weight or just get your sweat on, battle ropes can be easily worked into your training.

6) You can take them anywhere

You don't need to have a huge garage gym to be able to include battle ropes in your workouts. The good thing is, they can be folded up and chucked into the boot of your car in an instant.

Take yours down the park or simply out into the garden. They take seconds to set up and it's a great way of clearing your mind and getting some fresh air while you train.

7) Use them on their own or part of a bootcamp workout

Battle ropes and bootcamp are a match made in heaven. And even though you can get a full body workout with just a rope, add in some variety by using them alongside other pieces of kit.

Break out the slam balls, sand bags and weight sleds for a full-on bootcamp experience.

8) They're great for stress relief

After a long day, there's nothing better than heading out and working up a sweat. Battle ropes help train your explosivity and require every ounce of energy that you've got.

Burn off mental as well as physical energy with them and go home feeling all the more relaxed and worn out.

9) Melt fat

Battle ropes are brilliant for shredding pounds. By targeting several areas at the same time, as well as getting your heart rate up high, you give your body a much better chance at burning calories as well as melting fat.

10) Help you to build more power

When we train, we spend a lot of our time either strengthening or doing cardio. Battle ropes are unique as they not only allow you to work on both these areas, but by combining both weight and speed, they help you to be more explosive.

Just like plyometric training, you're working on strength and cardio at the same time which allows you to gain power and improve your strength.

Ready to get started? Grab a battle rope and get started with our easy to follow battle rope workout.