Top 10 Health Tips For Men

Staying healthy is easier said than done. But it's really important we take the time to think about how we live to make sure we're getting the most out of life.

Many of us end the week feeling tired and lacking energy. The good news is, there are lots of things we can do to help – and they're easy to start weaving in little by little.

And as it's Men's Health Week this week (June 11-17) we thought it would be a great idea to remind ourselves of the things we can do each day to help our wellbeing – as well as our energy levels.

Spotlight on men's health: what you can do

1) Eat more fruit

For most people, sitting down to eat an apple isn't as exciting as cake. However, fruit is so good for us. And with the minimum amount of daily fruit and veg intake now at seven a day, it's really time we got on it.

The thing to remember is that fruit and veg can always be added to a meal. So whether you're dropping rocket leaves onto a chicken fillet, adding blueberries to a yoghurt or even sliced strawberries to a chocolate pudding, it's easy to find ways to get more nutrition into your diet – your body will definitely thank you for it!

2) Cut down on the afternoon coffees

Caffeine is great first thing in the morning when you need a boost. But with coffee shops and coffee breaks firmly part of our culture, it can be all too easy to settle into a routine where coffee in the afternoon becomes the norm.

A little caffeine can help speed up your metabolism, but too much and it's possible you'll start experiencing things like withdrawal headaches, a fast heartbeat and dehydration. It's always best to cut back and if you can, go decaf. And definitely avoid having caffeine after 3pm otherwise it can affect your sleep.

3) It's not just about weights

Weights are great – without a doubt. But all too often, we focus on working all our muscles – except the heart. Long runs are great for fat burning and HIIT classes are brilliant for working up a sweat and giving your cardiovascular system a real workout!

So don’t forget to build in some cardio every week for a balanced training regime.

4) Drink more water

A lot of us don't get enough water. That, coupled with too much caffeine (see above) means we can end up dehydrated.

Water has so many benefits and it really is necessary for a healthy body. So don't forget to drink up some of that H20.

Need a reminder? Set a timer and get a big water bottle so you can keep up your fluids.

young muscly man pouring water into his mouth with his shirt off

5) Get more sleep

Sleep is really important for rest and repair. Not to mention it gives us a chance to process our thoughts and get ready for the day ahead.

It's fair to say that many of us don't get the recommended amount (around 7-8 hours a night, but this depends on your age etc.) And if it takes you a little while to get to sleep, it's always worth setting aside some quiet time before bed, rather than trying to go straight to sleep. Turn off the screens, dim the lights and have a bath or shower – it works!

6) Walk more

Sitting down at a desk all day and then sitting down at home can leave us feeling tense and flat. Getting in some extra steps is always worth it just to up your weight-bearing exercises, strengthen your hip joints and just clear your head.

So, get some fresh air and head out whenever you can. Pedometers and various types of fitness gadgets will help you measure your steps, so you can see how well you're doing and compare day to day.

7) Don't over do it

Many of us are over-worked nowadays and it's so easy to fall into that trap of staying late at work to get a few extra things done.

It's really common to think, "if I stay late, I can get ahead for tomorrow." Then what happens? You stay late the next day too. Making you miss out on your training at the gym or just relaxing at home.

Recognise what you can do in a day and then stop and go home.

8) Lessen your screen time

Blue light is messing with our heads – literally! Too much screen time is having a real effect on our sleep as well as our social life.

So, try to cut down on browsing your phone/PC/TV and see what other things you can do to relax.

man sitting in front of a screen with glasses on

9) Cut back on the drink

Alcohol is often called "liquid fat" by personal trainers. It sounds pretty harsh but at the same time, with just one pint of beer holding around 200 calories, you can see why.

Just cutting back on the alcohol alone, will really help your health, training – and your gut!

10) Stay connected

It's easy to pass off ringing home because you're busy. But staying connected with friends and family can really help our wellbeing and help us to feel supported.

It doesn't take too much time and even a the odd message or email can really make someone's day – including yours!

So, pick up the phone and give someone a call.

If you're planning on doing any of these, implement each one of your goals bit by bit. Trying to change everything at once usually sets you up for failure. So, take it easy and be kind to yourself.

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