Fitness expert Helga Williams looks at the impact that hula hooping can have on your glutes.

Sculpt Your Butt by Hula Hooping Daily

You’ve been working hard and consistently to keep fit, however one last thing is missing...that Beyonce booty. If you want to tone up your glutes, Mirafit has the perfect piece of equipment for a fun, butt-sculpting workout. Say ‘hello’ to your new best friend – the Hula Hoop. But this is not just any hoop. Mirafit’s weighted Hula Hoop adds that extra edge to your workout to achieve next level fitness and a booty of note. The best part is, while you are working on your butt, your abs will tone up too.

Getting Started

Start off by mastering some simple hooping in either forward or wide stance. By moving your hips forward and back you will already be using your core, hips and glutes. Put your favourite tune on and try to keep the hoop swinging for the full duration of the track. You can even go for two or three songs.

Making sure you have enough space, continue hooping but now start walking forward as you hula hoop. Once you are ready to progress a little more, you can turn your walking into lunging, taking deep strides forward as the hoop continues to swing around your waist. If you don’t have enough space, lunge on the spot, alternating legs, while keeping the hoop twirling.

Squatting With A Hula Hoop

As we all know, squats are the ultimate exercise for killer thighs and glutes. Why not take the simple squat to the next level by combing the Hula Hoop into your exercise. Hold the hoop above your head, straight arms, while doing your squats. This will help keep your torso upright, engaging your core and also work your arms and shoulders.

Give your butt a tight squeeze as you stand back upright from your squat, pushing your hips forward slightly but not overextending. After doing 20 squats, stay down in the seated squat position with your hands holding the hoop overhead for 20 – 30 seconds. Burn baby, burn. Your booty will love you for it.

Alternatively you can try to squat while keeping the hoop swirling around your mid section. I do however recommend that you ensure to keep pushing your buttocks out backwards as you squat, as poor alignment during the squat may cause more damage than good.

Whether you squat, lunge or simply do some classic hula hooping, make sure to keep it consistent, at least 10 minutes daily and keep at it. Beyonce may just be the one calling you for advice soon.

Happy Hooping!

woman with Mirafit hula hoop