Rehabilitate Without The Gym

Injuries can really take their toll. Whether you have hurt yourself recently or have a longstanding issue, ignoring it and hoping it will get better on its own, isn't always the best approach!

The good news is, many injuries can be improved almost instantly by doing specific exercises on a regular basis.

Of course, we'd always recommend you see a doctor or a trained physiotherapist for any sort of injury. But if you have a general niggle which you can't seem to get rid of, there are definitely a few things we can suggest that may help you feel better.

What you'll need:

The exercises:

Foam Roller:

  • Our foam rollers are fantastic for addressing any issues you might have regarding tight muscles, trigger points and poor mobility. Use them to self-massage and gently ease tension. Best used regularly for optimum results.

Wooden Balance Board:

  • These are particularly good if you're looking to strengthen up your joints as well as your core. Our wooden balance boards take a fair bit of practice to master, making them an excellent piece for strengthening your knees and ankles. They force you to continuously adjust your posture so you can target areas of weakness, without adding on too much pressure.

Pilates Ring:

  • Whether you're suffering with a long-term injury, or simply want to address your core stability, Pilates is a fantastic way of staying balanced and strong. Not just for the core, you can address areas of weakness while allowing your body the time to adjust to new ways of moving. Stretch, strengthen and improve your flexibility, for a more balanced body. And it doesn't matter whether you're new to Pilates or practise it regularly, our Pilates rings are a simple and effective tool for helping you get the most out of your routine. Use them to help you stretch and maintain tension as you move slowly through the exercises. This isometric style of training encourages muscle strength. The ring is also great as a focus for your workout so you can concentrate on each exercise.

mirafit orange deluxe foam roller on a black yoga mat

The workout:

  • When rehabilitating an old injury, the approach is always little and often. Going from sitting down all day, to lifting heavy weights down at the gym can be a bit of a shock for your body and doesn't encourage that gradual progression.
  • An injury is an area of weakness, so encourage stability and get back your usual range of motion by gently doing your key exercises, every day – sometimes several times a day! A quick stretch at lunch, a relaxing foam roll after work or even a morning strengthening routine with your chosen piece of kit are all great ways to fit in your rehabilitation work. Put the time in and your body will thank you for it.

Taking it to the next level: Massage is a really important part of recovery. Think you can handle the pain? Take your recovery to the next level with a Mirafit Double Massage Ball. Your muscles won't know what hit them!

Injuries are often a sign of weakness. Once you feel ready and have got yourself back to a good level of fitness, why not build up your strength? Read our blog on building muscle here.