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Q1: So, you're getting hitched?

i) No – in which case, you've got time on your hands. Read how to set up a garage gym instead.)

ii) Yes – Congrats. Go to Q2.


Q2: Feeling ready for your big day?

i) Yes – in which case, you've still got time to build a garage gym.

ii) No – you've still got time to lift. Read on...


If being centre of attention for the day is starting to dawn on you, you might be wondering how you can make sure you look the part.

Living up to expectations is never easy. But giving yourself a shot of confidence to help you pull it off can really do the trick.

And if time is an issue – we're kinda guessing it is – then you're probably looking for a quick fix.

Unfortunately, fitness isn't finite. But that doesn't mean you can’t raise the bar (nice dad pun)

Check out our top six exercises below for giving your body a pre-wedding upgrade.


Wedding workout

When it comes to getting the most out of your fitness regime – in the shortest amount of time – you’ll want to include as many compound exercises in your routine as possible.

This means not only targeting several muscle groups in one exercise, but you’re also going to be stimulating the production of muscle growth hormones, as well as boosting your metabolism.

We know you’re on a tight budget and short of time, so specifically designed this ultimate guide around just two simple pieces of kit.

All you need is a weight bench and a bumper plate, and you’re set to go.


1) Squats

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Squats are the king of all exercises. They’re ideal for targeting your posterior chain and hitting lots of different areas in one go.

Do them while holding a weight plate. Either press it into your chest with your arms around it, or hold it with your arms straight down and a wide stance. Then train to do as many as you can with your chosen weight.

If you’re finding it too easy, squat down, pause and then squat back up. Holding this position will add an isometric level of muscle development into your routine, as well as cutting off any momentum you’re using to get back up.

You can also intensify this workout by doing wall sits while holding your weight.


2) Bench press

Bench presses are great for working your pecs, triceps and shoulders. But if you’re short on time, you’re probably not looking to start investing in the perfect bars and weight plates for your home gym just yet. Luckily, you can still get in a good chest workout with just a weight bench and a bumper plate.

Lie back on the bench, with your feet flat and your back arched and tight. Gripping hold of the weight, push up and back down to work your upper body.

If you’ve never done a bench press before, you might feel more comfortable doing this with your weight bench at an angle. This allows you to train in a more upright position so that the weight plate isn’t directly over your head.


3) Decline pushups

A step up from the average pushup, these involve placing your feet on the weight bench while you exercise to increase the amount of weight you have over your chest and arms. Keeping your body straight will also allow you to work your core as you maintain a rigid posture while you train.

Feeling confident? Up the intensity by including some claps in-between push ups. This will allow you to develop power and speed in your upper body workout.


4) Russian twists

Designed to work your core, you can do these on the floor. Or, if stability is on your side, take it up a notch by doing these on a weight bench. Grip the bumper plate with both hands while sat in an upright situp position. Raise your feet and rotate the plate to each side of your hip.

You should really feel this working your abs and your obliques. Doing this on the bench means you can get the weight lower than if you were just on a gym mat, which again, ups the level.


5) Burpee tuck jump

This one doesn’t actually involve a weight bench or a bumper plate. However, it was just too good to leave out of this guide. Ideally you want to be getting your heart rate up as you train. Just plain strengthening – as great as it is – isn’t quite enough when you don’t have a full garage gym at your fingertips. Getting in a good amount of cardio on top of your compound exercises will really help.

Crouch down, push your legs out, do a pushup, jump both legs back in, spring up and do a tuck jump – spring up and bring both knees into your chest at the same time. Repeat and do as many as you can to have you working up a sweat in no time.


6) Mountain climbers

You can do these on the floor or using the weight bench. In a push up position with your arms straight, supporting your weight, bring your knees into your chest one by one and in quick succession.

Keep this up for as long as you can to add in some extra cardio to your workout. Following this routine regularly and cycling round the exercises like in a HIIT class, will really help you strengthen up and torch fat – all at the same time.

You don’t need much room to do them in, and it’s a great investment. There are no membership fees and they’re both key components for developing your own garage gym.


Quick tips on slimming down

image of fitness model using a mirafit weight bench to do bunny hops

Losing weight in theory is simple – burn more calories than you consume. In reality, it usually means spending quite a lot of time staring at bread while wondering if the pain is really worth it.

Stay on it, the sugar cravings will eventually wear off.

The average adult male needs around 2,500 calories a day. Cut it down to around 2,000 a day, add in some HIIT training as well as a few, long-distance runs and you should start seeing your weight drop.

In food terms, cutting back on the snacks, alcohol and sugary frothy coffees can make a huge difference. Just thinking more carefully about what sauces and toppings you're adding onto your meals can also have a big impact.

Cutting back on the celebratory beers can really help (a pint is around 200 calories) as well as the takeaways (pizzas range from around 1,000 to 3,000 calories depending on the size and your choice of toppings).

Exercise will really help give your metabolism a boost. Swapping a few snacks out for a tin of tuna, glass of milk or a protein shake, will help to stop you from feeling hungry.


This isn't just good advice for grooms-to-be. It's something you can do whenever you need to get back on track. There are always going to be times when indulgence happens – holidays, celebrations or even just a particularly bad Monday at work...

But by keeping things varied and following a protein-heavy diet that shifts your focus to foods that aren't beige, you'll be well on your way to maintaining a healthy body – and lifestyle.

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