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Power Rack Essentials For Under £500

Fitness isn't about spending a fortune on fancy equipment.

It’s about having equipment that's functional and hard-wearing so that it can take the strain of a high impact workout and last you day-in, day-out.

And often, the simpler the kit, the more versatile it is.

Our power racks will form the base of any garage gym. And if you're looking for the simplest way to build strength using a power rack , you can get it right here.

To help, we'll take you through what you need and how to use it, so you can get yourself set up at home, nice and easy.

What is a power rack?

Power racks are more often seen in home gyms rather than at your local gym.

They are solid, steel-constructed frames that allow you to bench press and squat heavy - safely.

The frame comes with spotter bars along the side which you can adjust. These bars are designed to catch your barbell – when training to failure, for pause exercises and also if you simply lose your balance. So they're ideal for working out when you're on your own.

Along the front of the frame, there are also padded bar rests, specially designed to protect your bar as you rack it as well as keep it balanced as you load your weights.

And at the top, there's a pull up bar so you can also use the frame to perfect your chin ups and muscle ups, as well as strengthen your grip.

male adult with olympic barbell and weights on his shoulders ready to do a squat using the mirafit power rack

What do you use a power rack for?

Power racks are designed for full body strength. And in fact, there's not much you can't do with one.

With a power rack, it's much easier to cover the main compound exercises – squats and bench presses.

Compound exercises work several muscle groups at once and are the most beneficial for building all over body strength. They also stimulate your body's production of muscle building hormones, so another thing to keep in mind if this is one of your goals.

Power racks also allow you to ease yourself into deadlifts as you can rack your barbell lower down and start to strengthen you posterior chain, while reducing your risk of injury.

Add in an adjustable weight bench, and you can use the frame for bench presses as well. The safety bars work in the same way as they do with squats. Place them just above your chest so they catch the bar should you need them to.

Different power racks have slightly different features depending on your needs. They start as a basic frame with spotters. And as you move up the range, you'll find they can handle more weight, and there are also additional features such as multi-grip pull up bars, cable upgrade systems (for rows and pull downs) and weight storage options.

The best thing to do is work out what you need in terms of maximum weight load and then go from there – bearing in mind your ideal range of weight load progression.

male adult placing olympic bumper plates onto the storage peg of a power rack

How much room do I need?

Power racks are best placed in the garage. The flooring is hard wearing and will be able to handle the impact of your strength training.

You can also add to your set up as you go along. And if you have the room, lay down some mats and add in a few other pieces of equipment for variation as well as cardio work.

One thing to keep in mind is that power racks take a 7ft Olympic Barbell, so make sure there's enough room around the edges of the frame so you can work out comfortably.

Anyone looking for a space-saving solution will want to check out our half power racks – which can also be bought with a weight storage system on the back. They still need a 7ft Olympic bar but the frame itself takes up less room.

You can find more information about all of our power racks, including sizing and specifications, in Product Help Centre.

male adult using his mirafit orange power rack with olympic weights and barbell

What else do I need to train with a power rack?

There are a few vital bits of kit you'll need alongside your power rack:

  • A 7ft Olympic Barbell – these weigh around 20kg and are the correct length and thickness for power racks. They will stay balanced as you load your weights and can also handle a large amount of weight so ideal for progression.
  • A set of Olympic weight plates – Olympic weight plates have a 2" inner ring and so will be large enough to fit on an Olympic barbell. You may want to train with cast iron weights as these take up less space. However, if you're doing deadlifts, you may want bumper plates instead as these are better for absorbing impact. You can also get racks to store your plates.
  • QR Collars – quick release collars keep your weight plates in place so very important for strength training.
  • An adjustable weight bench – just like with a power rack, your choice of weight bench will be guided by what its maximum weight load is. Adjustable weight benches are more versatile than flat weight benches so they allow you to work a wider range of muscle groups. Flat weight benches however can usually take more weight.
  • Gym flooring – you'll want something to go underneath your frame to protect the floor as well as your equipment. We do individual shock resistant mats which are hard wearing and great value for money.
  • Weight storage – often you can store your plates on the side of your power rack using weight storage poles.

And at Mirafit, you can get all your power rack essentials for just under £500! - an outstanding price.

Here are the specific items we used to get this price:

Total: £460.35*

mirafit orange and balck graphic with a list of the products for the power rack essentials

Looking to upgrade? Our collections range from M1 gear – which is perfect for anyone ranging from beginner to intermediate – to M2 and M3 gear, which is more heavy-duty and can handle a much higher weight load.

The above set up – using the M1 power rack and M1 bench – has a maximum weight load of 250kg. The weight load is uniformly distributed and includes the weight of the user.

The best thing about setting your own gym up at home is that you don't need to buy everything at once. Weight plates for example can be bought as and when you want to progress, so there's every opportunity to save up and buy each piece as you go.

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And if you want to see how others have set up their Mirafit garage gym, head over to our Garage Gym Gallery for some inspiration.

*We will do our very best to make sure this blog is kept up-to-date so all the prices are correct. Mirafit prices however are subject to change and so the amounts may be different in the future. If you want to make sure, please check the prices on our website.

*Our model is shown using the Mirafit M2 360kg Power Rack, the Mirafit 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell in silver, Mirafit Black Olympic Rubber Plates and Mirafit 2" Olympic Weight Bar QR Collars.