Our Favourite Bootcamp Exercises

If you're looking for results, then look no further.

Bootcamps have got a reputation for being made up of blood, sweat and tears and for good reason. They focus on intensity and pushing your limits for high heartrates, maximum muscle gains and full-on fitness.

And what's more, designing your own bootcamp session is perfect way to accommodate your specific targets, strengths and weaknesses.

We've put together some of the toughest bootcamp exercises to help you find out if you've got what it takes to endure the ultimate of workouts.

Ready to get started?

Bootcamp equipment

image of mirafit model using a mirafit battle rope outside

If you're reading this, we already know you're ready to shed pounds and shred muscle. And that means doing high-intensity strength training along with a mixture of high and medium intensity cardio – to burn fat as well as calories.

And if you're working out on your own or with your training partner, you don't to be spending time setting up lots of equipment.

What you will need:

A Mirafit Battle rope

Battle ropes are great for all round fitness as well as targeting a range of muscles. Strengthen your core, arms, legs and get your heart rate up nice and high with this essential Bootcamp ingredient.

A couple of Mirafit Kettlebells – as heavy as you can go

Kettlebells are so versatile and they are ideal for functional training exercises. They are another piece of equipment that's perfect for targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time and are great for strengthening exercises.

A Mirafit Non Bounce Slam Ball – 12kg

Power and explosivity are just as important when it comes to training and it allows you to build speed into your strength training. This is the type of exercise that is going to really get your heartrate up high so ideal for burning calories.

A Folding Exercise Mat

Bootcamp isn't bootcamp without getting some core exercises in as well as push ups, planks, mountain climbers and hip raises. These fold up mats can be fitted into the car quickly and easily and are ideal for cushioning your joints as you train outside. Up against the elements? Mud, rain and sweat can be wiped off in an instant leaving it clean and ready for your next training session.

Mirafit Ankle/Wrist Weights

Up the intensity of your cardio exercises with a couple of ankle and wrist weights. Great for adding extra burn to your high knees, jumping jacks, hill sprints, shadow boxing, tuck jumps and leg raises. The faster you go, the higher your heartrate and the power you invest into your muscles. Warning – these are a lot harder than they look!

A Mirafit Skipping Rope

Once you have a comfortable level of fitness, skipping is a great fat burner. It's not so taxing that it will get your heartrate really high, but keep it going for long enough and skipping can really help you torch fat. Skipping makes an excellent warm up too. Ideal for cold days or frosty mornings when you need to prepare your body to take it up a couple of gears.

Want a higher heartrate? Add on the ankle and wrist weights or practise doing high knees with the rope, as well as jumping jacks, double jumps and crossover jumps to up the intensity.

Best bootcamp exercises

One of the main benefits of designing your own bootcamp workout is that you get to shape your training regime to suit your own goals. To help inspire you, we've put together some of the best bootcamp exercises, and organised them so you can pick and choose according to your focus.

Make sure you warm up first with some skipping, joint rolls and dynamic stretches.


  • Kettlebell swings
  • Two-arm kettlebell row
  • Goblet squats
  • Single arm kettlebell snatch
  • Russian twists with either a slam ball or a kettlebell
  • Kettlebell lunges
  • Dynamic plank
  • Slam ball halo exercises
  • Side plank with leg raise and ankle weights
  • Arm circles with wrist weights
  • Side lunges with slam ball
  • Goblet squats with kettlebell

Calorie burning:

  • Hill sprints with ankle weights on
  • Shadow boxing with wrist weights on
  • Tuck jumps
  • Jumping squats
  • Alternate split squat jumps
  • Fast skipping
  • Burpees with wrist and ankle weights on

Fat burning:

  • Slams using the slam ball
  • High knees with ankle weights on
  • Mountain climbers
  • Battle rope waves and power slams. Read more about these in our battle rope workout blog.
  • Plank jacks
  • Toe taps using the slam ball
  • Squats with a slam ball throw
  • Skier exercises from side to side with ankle and wrist weights
  • Kettlebell farmer's walk
  • Bear crawls – with wrist and ankle weights
  • Walking lunges with kettlebells

Ready to get started? With spring already here and summer round the corner, it's the perfect time of year to head outside and train in the fresh air. So what are you waiting for?

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