National Fitness Day: 5 Minutes With Steve Parke

This year, National Fitness Day falls on September 26th 2018. To help celebrate, we grabbed five minutes with all-round legend Steve Parke from Parkecore Personal Training. An inspirational figure to many, fitness is his everything. Not just as a personal trainer but also as a husband and a dad.

Read his story below.

What does fitness mean to you?

It means getting better both physically and mentally as the years go by. It’s about keeping up with the kids, being comfortable in my own skin, and avoiding pain and health conditions. And when they do come, being able to recover faster and better. Also, it’s about being a role model to my sons and others, showing them what can be done.

How does fitness benefit you?

It allows me to have a good posture, stay disciplined, and it also means I very rarely get ill. It helps me to stay mentally and physically strong, and it also means I can play sports with the kids, as well as take on challenges with confidence. It’s also about having that body awareness.

How does fitness benefit your clients the most?

They have more energy, more confidence, they lose weight and gain muscle, they benefit from mental clarity and seeing improvements week by week.

I think they like not knowing what will be coming up in a training session and also knowing that I will make sure they have fun and a good workout at the same time.

Also, they’re able to get their problems off their chest and clear their mind. We have some unique bits of kit and different ways of using them. We work hard to give them lots of take-home moves that they can use when they are not with me.

What do you think people’s perception of exercise is?

I think a lot have the perception that exercise and working out has to be long, painful and not fun. And that it’s ether heavy weights or hours on the treadmill to get what they want. I would like to show them that:

1) it can be fun and also done in 30mins at a time

2) that there are so many more functional moves that people can do to get better results and to help them love a longer, happier and fitter life – that it’s not just about looking good for a holiday.

Are there days when you just don’t want to work out?What do you do?

Yes 100%. On those days, sometimes I will just change my planned workout around and work on some new moves or change it all together to a HIIT session instead of weights. Or if I’m not feeling it, I will go for a long walk with an Audible book to clear my head and think of my next move.

What’s your favourite piece of Mirafit kit?

I would say the battle ropes. AKA the lesser spotted, black and orange widow maker.

It’s a bit of kit that you can never get complacent with as there is always a next level to take it to. Love that bad boy.

Find out more about Steve and Parekcore Personal Training here. And you can get more fitness inspiration, whatever your goals, on our Facebook and Instagram pages @MirafitOfficial.