National Fitness Day: 5 Minutes With Louis Simms

This year, National Fitness Day falls on September 26th, 2018. To help mark the occasion and celebrate fitness in all its forms, we grabbed five minutes with Mirafit product designer and fitness buff Louis Simms, to find out why it’s important to stay fit.

Read his story below.

What does fitness mean to you?

It’s a big part of my life. I’ve always done active-based things and always enjoyed fitness as a break from every day sitting in front of a screen.

Doing sports is always a nice break too and going to the gym helps you do other things like climbing, mountain biking or going to Yoga. All these aspects interlink. So, if any of my friends ask me if I fancy doing something that turns out to be physical, I can say yes, knowing I can cope because I have trained.

Being fit means doing anything you want to do without your body being a limiting factor.

What’s it like working for Mirafit?

It’s my dream job. I get to see behind the scenes and what goes on, especially as I use all the different types of fitness equipment.

Having the equipment here is always nice too - knowing I can just jump into the gym to either stretch or do exercise. We always have a varied amount of equipment in the studio.

How does working here impact your daily fitness regime?

It uses up a lot of energy - doing all the videos and photoshoots, on top of going to the gym, doing Yoga, and going climbing. I remember my body went on strike for a few weeks when I first started but I’m making progress now.

I think my body has needed a lot of rest as doing a lot in a short space of time is not good. So I have realised its limits - especially with a lack of rest.

Do you work out outside the gym – what do you do?

I try and walk as much as possible. Every day I try to do at least 6,000-10,000 steps.

I am also very active at the weekends, so I visit a lot of places and do a lot of walking, but I don’t go to the gym at the weekends. I think 5 days in the gym is enough for me.

What are some of the smaller things you can do to keep fit?

Just walking more, going the long way around to things or taking the scenic route instead of the most direct route.

Set yourself little challenges. For example, if you’re watching TV and an advert comes on, do a couple of press ups or sit ups during the break. Or just before you go to bed, try and stretch or pick different things to do each evening. Just keep moving really!

What’s your favourite piece of Mirafit kit?

The M2 Half Power Rack. Being the designer, I have things that I want to add to it too. It has a lot of scope and lot of room, so you’re not confined within a cage. You can move outside and do lunges and squat jumps, and not have to worry about hitting the top of the cage.

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