Mirafit Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is always a tricky one.

The cards and gifts always run on the same themes – mainly golf, socks and whiskey.

And if these don't hit the nail on the head, then finding the perfect gift can seem like an impossible task. Until now, that is.

At Mirafit, we're firm believers that fitness should be accessible to everyone. Something that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, and something that is really beneficial.

And it doesn't matter whether the dad in your life is already a fitness fanatic, or is just starting out, getting them something so that they can stay fit at home could be just the ticket.

To help, we've put together our pick of perfect presents for this year's Father's Day – and there's not a single neck tie in sight...

image of fathers day gift items by Mirafit

1) Mirafit Fully Customisable Gym Storage System

If the dad in your life is the type who loves a project, then why not start him off with the basics for building his own gym? These Mirafit Fully Customisable Gym Storage Systems can be built up little by little.

Choose your training basics and the matching storage parts and then he can expand as and when he likes. He'll enjoy having his own place to work out as well as the satisfaction of building his own bespoke gym.

No more leaving equipment around the house. Our storage system will help him keep everything in one place, safely and securely. Ideal for both cardio and strength focused workouts.

Build yours here: Mirafit Fully Customisable Gym Storage System

(Price depends on how much you want to include)

2) Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench

The M2 Adjustable Weight Bench is the perfect piece of kit for anyone looking to train for both strength and cardio. The flat, incline and decline options allow you to target different muscle groups.

Part of our M2 collection, this weight bench is suitable for more advanced loads and can handle up to 260kg.

A solid piece with a heavy-duty steel frame, the bench is slimline enough to fit into a smaller workout area but would equally look just as at home in a larger home gym or garage.

Easy to assemble, it also has a built in handle and castors for easy movement and is a great all-round fitness piece.

Price: £89.95

Get yours here: Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench

3) Mirafit Black and Orange Battle Rope 9/12/15m

The dad that you're buying for might already love a battle rope. He may however, have no idea what a battle rope is – or how to use one.

That's where we come in.

Battle ropes are great for both strengthening and cardio. There is a whole range of exercises that you do with one and they can just as easily be rolled away and stuffed in the shed as they can be brought out and thrashed around in the garden.

If you think he would prefer to work out in the comfort of his own home, then this is definitely the present for him. They come in different lengths so the longer the rope, the heavier it is.

Not to be underestimated, these are a force to be reckoned with – time and time again.

Give him some tips on how to use one with our blog on how to train using a battle rope.

Price from: £39.95

Get yours here: Mirafit Black and Orange Battle Rope 9/12/15m

4) Mirafit Deluxe Hi-Density Foam Roller

A fantastic aid for anyone who trains regularly – especially if running and cycling are at the top of the fitness menu. Trigger points, tension and knotty muscles can cause you pain on a daily basis.

And if the dad you know is part of a running club, goes cycling regularly or just trains regularly down at the gym, these Mirafit Foam Rollers will be a great help for relieving any soreness or twitchy, tense muscles.

The raised bumps help with thicker tissue such as around the glutes and hamstrings. Whereas the smoother parts help with tight hips – especially prolific in runners – as well as on your joints and along the shins.

Find out more about trigger point therapy and how foam rollers can help in our blog.

Price: £7.95

Get yours here: Mirafit Deluxe Hi-Density Foam Roller

5) Mirafit 6 Pair Hex Dumbbells and Storage Tree Kit

Dads are busy people so fitting in weight training can be a big ask. This Mirafit Hex Dumbbells Kit is ideal for giving you a quick and well-rounded approach to upper body training. The hex ends stop them from rolling around when in use, while the durable coating prevents damage to floors or equipment.

The weight loads are clearly marked so they can be easily identified. And by using set weights, you remove the hassle of changing your weight plates so workouts are fluid and time-efficient. And having a storage tree means weights can be kept in one place without taking too much floor space.

A fantastic surprise for any dad looking to stay in shape while leading a hectic lifestyle!

Price: £259.95

Get yours here: Mirafit 6 Pair Hex Dumbbells and Storage Tree Kit

So, whether your dad has superhuman strength, loves to run or is simply looking to up his fitness levels to help with daily life, we're sure you'll find something he'll love at Mirafit. Good luck and to all the dads out there – Happy Father's Day!

*We will do our very best to make sure this blog is kept up-to-date so all the prices are correct. Mirafit prices however are subject to change and so the amounts may be different in the future. If you want to make sure, please check the prices on our website.