Kettlebell Benefits

A lot of our time in the gym is spent concentrating on form, perfecting technique and keeping track of numbers. And although this is important, sometimes we just need to get away from all that isolation work and work on overall fitness.

Not only are kettlebells a great way to mix up your regime, they're also an extremely effective training tool. They're fun, functional and they really help you work up a sweat – ideal for anyone looking to incorporate cardio into their strengthening work as well as torch fat.

So, what's different about them and why should we be incorporating them into our workouts?

Why use kettlebells?


Kettlebells are all about incorporating functional training into your workouts. This means freeing yourself from the confounds of the squat rack and being a lot more dynamic with your movements. This doesn't mean losing your form. In fact, it's just as important to maintain a correct technique and posture when using kettlebells as it is when using weight bars. It's just that now, we've dropped the weight slightly to make the movements bigger, more comprehensive and get your heart rate up.

So, what are kettlebells good for?

Read our top 10 kettlebell benefits to find out more:

1) They're functional Twist, swing, press, raise, squat – kettlebells get you moving in a way that you simply can't do with a weight bar. This means full body workouts that are tapping into your stabilising muscles, as well as unlocking all that power and explosivity that's hidden away. The moves are much more practical than the ones we're used to, and much more demanding of our cardiovascular system.

2) They make you sweat There's a reason why kettlebells always feature in HIIT classes. They can used with a lot more speed and power than weight bars and plates. And that explosivity gets your heart rate up, helping you to torch fat and work up a sweat.

3) They're a great time saver Loading and unloading a weight bar is necessary but also time consuming. Want to get more bang for your buck? Kettlebells help you incorporate a range of compound exercises into your training regime. This means you can target several muscle groups in the same exercise and stimulate the hormones that aid muscle growth. With kettlebells, you just pick them up and get on with your workout. Ideal if you're short on time, as well as blasting through supersets for a crushingly intense workout.


4) They're fun Psyching yourself up to smash that next PB is rewarding but can be mentally draining. And there will always be those days where you just don't have the mental focus to get back under a barbell. So, mix things up, get yourself moving and relieve some stress with a kettlebell workout.

5) Shoulder function Shoulders are intricate and difficult to strengthen without risk of injury. This means, there are a lot of us who have experienced some sort of shoulder injury at some point in our lives. Kettlebells are great for getting that full range of motion into our shoulders without adding too much weight. Ideal for careful strengthening that can ease pain, rehabilitate and prevent further injury.

6) They help with grip Grip strength can be a real issue when it comes to strength training. It's all well and good being able to bench press several hundred pounds. But if your wrists can't take it, you can't press. Kettlebells give you the opportunity to work on your wrist and grip strength to complement your weight bar work. They also help you focus on your wrist position to avoid injury when lifting heavier weights.

7) They're versatile Barbells and dumbbells can make training very linear, which has its benefits but can also be quite restrictive. The unique shape of the kettlebell allows for a great range of movement which is also more natural to your body type. This means more engagement and fewer injuries.


8) They engage your core With all that time spent at the rack, it can be easy to forget about our core muscles. Kettlebells get you focusing on more power and explosivity. In addition, the offset handle in relation to the weight, means waking up all your stabilising muscles around your core to keep your balance in check. The more force you put into your workout, the more you will need to tense your core to stay steady.

9) They engage your hips Hip flexors are really important for your lower body workouts. Squats, lunges – the lot. But the hip flexors themselves are a tricky area to stengthen. The kettlebell swing is a classic move and great for engaging your hips as well as your lower back and glutes. Master the technique and enjoy a strong core that's ready for the squat rack.

10) There's so much more to learn Kettlebells are there to be conquered. And just because you're being more explosive, doesn't mean you can forget about form. By adding them into your routine, you've more to learn, more to master and so many more moves at your fingertips to train with. They don't take up much space so they're great to have at home and ideal for complementing your work in the gym.

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