Change Your Life – Hula Hoop! 

Fitness expert Helga Williams continues her series at the Mirafit Hula Hoop with a guided workout plan.

The Hula Hoop Could Change Your Life

Vouched for by Beyonce and Kelly Osbourne the Hula Hoop is a hidden little secret waiting to change your life. It’s been around for centuries, and although I’m not quite sure what the ancient Greek version looked like, I’m pretty sure it must be one of the tools that helped Hercules make his debut.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t (we will never know for sure) but let’s face it, the Hula Hoop is a calorie burning, waist cinching, ab tightening, inch busting piece of equipment that makes every workout feel like you’re at play. Sweating off last nights extra glass of wine has never been more fun!

As with all activity, hula hooping will burn calories required for weight loss. Unlike some other cardio activities however, hula hooping has the added benefit of helping you tone up, especially around your core.

Easy Does It

The last time you can remember hula hooping may seem like a very distant memory, so start with only five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening. Build this up to 10 minutes each and most importantly (I cannot emphasize this enough) keep it consistent.

Swaying your hips to keep the hoop circling around your waist activates all the midsection muscles including your obliques, lower back and hips. Initially it may feel like you are reinventing the ‘twerk’ but you’ll be busting those moves in no time if you keep at it.

Incorporating a few additional hoop exercises as opposed to just swirling it around your waist will see the arms, legs and back shape up. Mirafit has taken your goals into great consideration for faster and more effective results by producing a weighted hula hoop. Since you have to keep your muscles tight in order to whirl the hoop around your hips, weighted hoops work your muscles harder than their light-weight counterparts.

Shed Pounds Even Faster

Whether you are a couch potato aiming to ‘un-potato’ yourself, or whether you are already fit and needing to change up your routine with a new challenge, the hula is versatile to your style. Ten minutes twice daily is really all you need to see those inches come off. Ask Kelly Osbourne.

However, if you are wanting to amp it up slightly you can start a 15 – 30 minute Hula circuit. Your program at this stage would include some cardio, upper-body, lower-body and core exercises. The below sample workout will not only help you shed pounds faster but also tone you up from top to bottom (excuse the pun).


Hula Hoop Workout Plan



4 min


Hula Hoop in forward or wide stance to warm up




1 min


Skipping through the hoop



Hold the hoop in front of you and skip through it like a jump rope.


1 min


Hula around your right arm


Extend your right arm straight out to your side, place the hoop around your forearm and move your arm in small circular motions to keep the hoop spinning.  Change direction after 30 seconds.


1 min


Hula around your left arm



Repeat above with left arm.


1 min


½ Burpee Hoop Jumps



Jump up as high as you can holding the hoop overhead.  Drop down to the ground onto your haunches and bring the hoop down to touch the ground.  Keep jumping up and down through the hoop.


1 min


Squats or Lunges



Hold the hoop overhead with straight arms while continuously doing squats.


1 min


Crunches with Hoop Between Legs



Lie on your back with your feet up straight in the air.  Place the hoop between your feet or ankles holding it up in the air with your legs.  With your hands behind your head do crunches in this position.


1 min


Crunches Holding Hoop in Arms



Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground.  Hold the hoop with straight arms above your chest.  Keeping the hoop up and arms straight, crunch up towards the ceiling lifting your upper back off the ground as you crunch up.



Repeat the full circuit 2- 3 times

Hula hoop in forward or side stance for 4 min to cool down


Happy hooping!