How to use an EZ curl bar

It’s not until you walk into a gym that you actually realise just how many different types of barbell there are. 

Straight bars, curl bars, neutral grip bars, short bars – the list is almost endless. 

But the more you train, the more you get to know the different types of weight bar available and the advantages of each one. And once you know that, you can start to tailor your workouts and use specific bars for specific exercises. 

Getting stronger involves a balance of consistency – continually working on your key lifts for steady progression. It also requires variation – mixing up your accessory lifts and supplementing your training to allow your muscles to adapt and grow. 

By using a range of bars, you can start to work variation into your main lifts to build strength and maximise your gains.  

And that’s where the EZ curl bar comes in. 

What is an EZ curl bar? 

EZ curl bars are angled, zig-zag style bars designed for mainly bicep and tricep exercises. 

Our M3 Olympic EZ Curl Bar looks like this: 

mirafit m3 ez curl bar on gym floor


  • 4.3ft long 
  • Weighs 10kg 
  • 300kg maximum weight capacity 
  • 28mm grip diameter 
  • Suitable for 2” Olympic weight plates 
  • Smooth sleeve spin 
  • Knurled for a secure hold 

EZ curl bars can vary slightly in diameter and weight. And the standard, 1” bars can hold slightly less weight but are more suitable for novice lifters. 

At the other end of the scale, you can also get thicker EZ curl bars like our Axle Style EZ Curl Bar. This is a much more challenging bar. 

mirafit axle ez curl bar on gym floor

For a start, it has a 50mm diameter to target your wrists and forearms, helping you to eliminate weak links while you train. 

It also has zero knurling which means you need to grip onto it more tightly to secure your hold.  

This bar is better suited to more experienced lifters, but the benefits are tenfold. The only thing to remember is that it is to be used to supplement your training, rather than as your main bar. 

Benefits of using an EZ curl bar 

There are several reasons why many lifters choose an EZ curl bar over a straight barbell: 

  • Angle – we’re all built differently, and so certain things are going to suit some people and others, different people. A straight barbell for some people is naturally comfortable to hold. For others, it can be a bit of a strain. The angled grip of an EZ curl bar reduces the pressure some people feel on their wrists, elbows – and even shoulders. And this in turn, helps them to continue training without any unnecessary discomfort.  
  • Size – for some barbell lifts, EZ curl bars are much more practical than using a 7ft barbell. They’re smaller, lighter and great for working your upper body. They’re also ideal for anyone training at home who is short on space. An EZ curl bar won’t take up too much room, so you don’t need an entire gym space just to work out. 
  • Isolation – the angled bar also helps to give you a more complete bicep and tricep workout. So, rather than just working the main part of each muscle, the EZ curl bar allows you to work specific parts of your triceps and biceps. So, it’s much more well-rounded and ideal if you’re looking to maximise your gains. 
  • Accessibility – EZ curl bars can be used by pretty much any ability. They’re great for anyone who is fairly new to lifting – especially as they’re not too heavy and cumbersome. And if you’re a more experienced lifter, they’ll give you that variety you need to build strength and progress.  

How to hold an EZ curl bar for bicep curls 

There are different ways to hold an EZ curl bar, and different grips will help you target specific areas. 

Standard underhand grip: 

mirafit ez curl bar normal underhand grip

When starting out, you want to keep a standard-width grip on your EZ curl bar. 

This means holding it so that your palms are facing slightly inwards on the knurled section of the bar, with your elbows tucked in. 

What this works: 

This position is for performing bicep curls and targets the long head of the bicep (the outside of the bicep). 

Standard overhand grip: 

mirafit ez curl bar normal overhand grip

This is the same position as above, but instead of having your hands underneath the bar, you have them over the bar. This essentially sets you up for doing reverse bicep curls. 

These exercises require a slightly stronger grip so if you haven’t done them before, just be aware you might need to adjust the weight load accordingly.  

What this works: 

This is a variation on the bicep curl and focuses the inside of your bicep as well as your forearms and wrists. 

Narrow underhand grip: 

mirafit ez curl bar narrow underhand grip

For this exercise, you want to bring your hands slightly in so that they’re at the very edge of the knurling, but not so close that they’re touching. 

What this works: 

Another bicep curl variation, this targets the outside of your biceps. 

Wide underhand grip: 

mirafit ez curl bar wide underhand grip

This exercise is slightly more difficult to perform simply because of the angle you need to have your wrists at.  

What this works: 

This exercise works the inside of your biceps. It also challenges your wrists and forearms.  

Best exercises using an EZ curl Bar 

EZ curl bars are not just for working your biceps. You can use them to target your triceps and shoulders too. 

Some of the exercises you can do include: 

  • Shoulder raises 
  • Tricep extensions 
  • Skull crushers 
  • Bent over row – with either an underhand or overhand grip 

If you would like to find out more, head over to our Product Help Centre and read about the different types of weight bar.  

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