How to Stay Motivated This October

When summer’s in full swing, there’s nothing like venturing outside and making the most of the sunshine.

When it’s October however, going back outside after having to rather forcefully close the door on the horizontal wind and rain can be a real effort. The days are getting shorter and darker, and all you want to do after a long day at work is snuggle up on the couch with a few snacks - possibly while wearing your gym gear (at least the intention was there anyway…)

So what can you do to stay motivated? The answer is – lots.

And if you see your discipline starting to waiver in the colder months (apart from January when literally EVERYONE is at the gym) then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s our guide on staying motivated so you can feel fit and full of energy – whatever the time of year!

Choose an exercise you can do easily and that you enjoy

Forcing yourself to attend a weekly SH’BAM class when you hate SH’BAM is probably setting yourself up to fail. Equally, if you love a certain Yoga class but it’s an hour’s drive away, then getting there after a long day isn’t something you’re likely to do regularly. Exercise should be something you enjoy and something you can fit into your spare time easily. That means picking something you’re likely to stick to because you love going and it’s at a convenient time.

Take a friend

Exercise is more fun with a friend. Not only do you get to have a catch up, you’re more likely to show up as you don’t want to let them down. So whether it’s going round the weights section at the gym, running, swimming or even circuits, going along with someone you like will definitely help you keep it up.

New gym gear

Every gym goer loves new wearables and there’s nothing better than swaggering around in your latest buy from that fancy Yoga Leggings website. It’s a fresh burst of confidence and when you catch yourself in the mirror looking too fit for words, then your work is done.

Freshen up your playlists regularly


Playlists are a must when you go to the gym, but how often do we find ourselves falling into the same routine with the same tracks? If you’re rage-quitting the treadmill because you’ve found yourself listening to Connor Maynard’s Can’t say No for the 19th time, then it’s time to mix it up. Spend some time getting some really good playlists together and regularly rotate them. That way when you’re next at the gym or out on your run, you’ll discover you have a new burst of energy as soon as track comes on and you’ll want to keep going for longer.

Give yourself a deadline

Rather than getting home and dithering (i.e. lying on the bed in gym gear while scrolling through YouTube videos) give yourself a deadline to be home by. Some of us work well under pressure so if that’s you, don’t give yourself time to hang around. Set a deadline and work to it. If it’s after work, aim to have smashed through your workout by 7pm. Training at the weekend? Get on it with that 9am spin class, then you’re done for the rest of the day.

Plan in post-workout treats

And we don’t mean “if I run 3km, I can eat that block of cheese” kind of treats. Give yourself something to look forward to that’s cheap and easy to organise. It’s a great way of keeping you going through the tougher moments of your training. Muscles burning? Think of that nice hot bath you’re going to have later on. Last few paces of your 10km run? Think of which new accessory you’re going to buy from the Mirafit website. Squat rack got you in tears? Remember the ice cold mocha protein shake you’ve got sat waiting for you in the fridge.

Exercise – good for the body, good for the mind

Exercise that makes you feel better is always going to have a positive impact on your life and this can be a great motivator. Balance your no-pain-no-gain sessions with something that relaxes you and makes you feel refreshed to help reduce any pressure.

You might want to wrap up the week with a stretch and tone class or ease yourself into Monday morning with a gentle spot of meditative Yoga.

Want to up your endorphins? Martial arts are great for discipline and motivation and you can learn a lot about yourself too. And if you don’t fancy being swung around by a slightly over-enthusiastic green belt, then Tai Chi and Qigong are just as expansive.

Listen to your body

Forcing yourself to head out for a 10km run when you’re clearly knackered will make you loathe exercise. Listen to your body and if it’s too much, plan in another time to go that suits you better. This way, you’ll start to fall into a pattern where you learn when you can exercise well and when you need to recover. If you have a busy schedule, plan in exercise sessions that are little and often so you enough time to burn off some energy and clear your mind, but aren’t so long that they eat into your day.

Make health your goal


It’s easy to get caught up in excessive routines and fad diets. Exercise is about looking after your body and working it enough to stay strong and fit, but not so excessively that you wear it down. Everything works in moderation and if you can aim to find a little more love for your body each day, then exercise will come naturally and just be part of your daily life.

Have confidence in who you are and what you look like, and be driven by your passion for life – wobbly bits included.

Be the best version of you.