How To Avoid Weight Gain At Easter

Avoid weight gain over Easter with these simple tricks


A time for family celebration rabbits chocolate.

And if there's one theme that prevails over all at this time of year, it's eggs.

The supermarkets have been stacked from floor to ceiling making them impossible to ignore. The chocolate shells, all wrapped up in shiny foil and placed in coloured boxes – specifically designed to catch us when we’re at our most vulnerable.

Picture the scene: You stumble into the shops after work, tired and foggy-headed from the day. Something catches your eye. A giant chocolate rabbit beckons you over, as your vague memories of buying celery and a baked potato start to fade.

Moments later, you’re strolling merrily out of the shops with a chocolate rabbit under one arm and a new fluffy cushion under the other. All memories of celery and potatoes left at the door.

Sound familiar?

We know what it’s like and how easy it is to betray your hard-earned gains down at the gym for quick fixes in the treat aisle. This year, however, it will be different. Why? Because we’re arming you with a set of fail-safe tricks for avoiding the pitfalls of Easter.

Want to avoid those bank holiday weight gains? Read on.

Eight simple tricks for staying on track this Easter:


1) Home workouts

Gyms often close over the bank holiday weekends and it can be frustrating when you're cooped up at home. But it's easy to fit in a workout at home with just a few simple pieces of equipment. Battle ropes are great for working the whole body. If you're short on time, vibration plates are just the ticket for getting more bang for your buck. Strengthening and calories burning all in one go – perfect!

2) Fill the fridge up with healthy snacks

When there's lots of chocolate hanging around the house, it's tempting to pick at it when you're hungry. Avoid those hunger dips and make sure your fridge is stocked up with healthy snacks. That way you can always have something on hand to satisfy your hunger pangs without filling up on the sweet stuff.

3) Be prepared

Pretty much all shops around this time of year are going to be stocked up with chocolate. It's helpful to remember this before you go in so you can stay focused. Remind yourself what you've gone in for and stick to your list.

4) Tell your colleagues

Offices are terrible for embracing the cake culture. Sure, it’s nice to have a treat every so often. But with some places, chocolate is available almost every day of the week. Speak to your colleagues and try and encourage snacks that are healthy, or limit the amount chocolate that is brought into the office each week.

5) Choose calorie burning and fat burning workouts


If you have a treat day, follow it up with some calorie burning and fat burning workouts. Calorie burning workouts are ones where your heart rate is around 80% of your maximum – basically so you're nice and out of breath. These use up the sugar that is already available in your bloodstream so are best done a couple of hours after having your treats. Fat burning workouts are done with a slower heartrate – around 50-60% of your maximum heartrate. Try doing a slow, long-distance run if you're exercising a few days after your sugar flurry.

6) Find a gym buddy

Find someone who will motivate you and who you can motivate. Agree that you will hold each other accountable if they don't turn up to the workout and train together. It's one of the best ways to ensure you stick to your fitness regime and make sure you both stay on track.

7) Choose dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is firstly, better for you than milk or white chocolate and is a good source of antioxidants. Also, you feel sick quicker eating it than with milk chocolate as it's much richer so you end up having less – and when it comes to Easter, this is probably a good thing...

8) Try alternatives


You don't have to load up your fridge with chocolate eggs at Easter time – you can celebrate in different ways. If your family is buying gifts for each other, why not ask for other things – bath bombs, cinema tickets or, give your fitness levels a boost by loading up your Mirafit Wishlist and send them a link!

Extreme measures: If it all goes wrong and you need to resort to drastic measures, try our extreme tips for saving your fitness this bank holiday:

1) Load up your arms with wrist weights. That way, at least you can be proud of your bulging biceps come the end of your binge.

2) Line all your kettlebells up outside the fridge as a barrier between you and the pile of treats inside.

3) Get lost at sea. This is an extreme measure and we highly recommend you don't do this.

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