Woman with perfect butt from squats

So you want a better butt?

Having a peachy behind doesn’t happen overnight – it takes hard work, precision training, dedication and of course, the right swagger nutrition.

And if you’re dying to shout ME! whenever you hear the song Who Wears Short Shorts then get ready for a training regime that involves a lot of squats, lunges and deadlifts – LET’S STRUT!


Training basics

Woman doing squat with weight plate

Training your butt is like training any other part of your body – you need a well-rounded approach that includes cardio, good nutrition as well as weight training. Put them all together and you’ll be well on your way to a 5-star money maker.

Form is really important for making sure you’re working all your muscles and to their full potential. Doing squats and lunges without any weights is great for helping you get the right technique. The idea is that you squat with your feet at shoulder width and you open your hips as you go down.

Practise with a chair or a low stool behind you so you get the feel for it. Then once you’ve got the technique cracked, it’s onwards and upwards to the good stuff. You can read more about squatting technique in our Squatting Guide.


What is a Squat Rack?

To train and develop your glutes, one thing you’re going to need to do is increase the load that you are squatting with. Barbells are the best way to do this; by placing the weighted barbell across the back of your shoulders, you will centre the weight down and through the glutes, hips and hamstrings – targeting the areas you’re keen to build.

Naturally the lower body can take a lot more weight than the upper body – loading up a barbell and then trying to lift it up and over your head is going to be incredibly dangerous – so you’re going to need a Squat Rack.

The Squat Rack is a frame that supports your barbell while you load up your weights. You can then walk in and dip under the bar to position it on the back of your shoulders, without doing any risky over-the-head lifts/topples.

Some Squat Racks also include adjustable spotters – these can be found on some Power Cages too.

Squat Rack Spotters are arms that are positioned either side of you (at right angles to your barbell) around an inch below your squat fail point so if you can’t make it back up or if you lose your balance, you can just let go of the weight.


What Squat Rack should I get?

Mirafit squat rack range

So now you’re officially ready to get bootylicious, it’s time to get kitted out:

• Whether you’re just starting out or have the glutes of a gladiator, these Mirafit M1 Squat Stands with Spotters are perfect for helping your build your butt and focus on your form. The spotters give you peace of mind that you can drop the weight whenever you need to as well as testing just how low you can go.

• When it comes to equipment, having a piece that helps you work several different muscles groups is the most time and space efficient. A really nifty bit of kit is the Mirafit M1 Squat and Dip Rack with an Adjustable Spotter. With seven spotter levels, you can keep pushing your squats to new limits. The rack can also be used for dips and bench presses, allowing for a full body workout when you’re done perfecting your peach.

• Work your butt, chest, arms, core, legs, shoulders and hips with the ultimate in training equipment. This Mirafit Adjustable Weight Bench and Squat Rack Kit is great for helping you to perfect your squat form too as you can use the weight bench to catch you while practising without using any weights. It also comes in handy for flat bench lying leg raises which also target your core, hips and glutes.


Squat Racks: What else do I need?

Mirafit barbell weights pads and bars for squats

• Got the Squat Rack? You’ll need a barbell and some weights to go with it. For the Mirafit Squat Racks you’ll need a 7ft Barbell to fit and a some 2” Olympic Weight Plates – the load will depend on how advanced you are but the 7ft bar is 17kg on its own and can handle up to 300kg.

• Heavy weights? Cushion the barbell with a Mirafit Barbell Squat Pad – available in green, black and classic orange.

Squat equipment by Mirafit squat stand and kettlebells

• Just starting out? If you don’t have the rack we wouldn’t recommend trying to lift anything over your head. Instead, practise your form and get used to pushing your butt out while keeping your back straight and knees behind your toes with a trusty Mirafit Kettlebell. They really do work wonders and can be used for all sorts of exercises including hip thrusts, sumo squats and sumo deadlifts.

• Mix it up with a Mirafit Single Leg Split Squat Stand to help you concentrate on one leg at a time by doing single leg squats and Bulgarian split squats.