Get Fit Without The Gym

Joining a gym can be a great way to get fit. But when it comes to working out in the same place with the same routine, your motivation can certainly dip.

One of the best ways to train is to keep mixing things up. Not only to keep your body guessing as to what it will be doing next, but also just to stay motivated. By having a variety of routines you can follow, you can always adjust your workouts to what you want to target. Or you can just adapt them to what you feel like doing.

To help, we've designed a collection of fitness routines that cover a range of goals. So, however you want to train, there are always ways to get fit without the gym!

Just choose your goal and click on the link. With each workout, you'll find a selection of exercises designed for that specific aim. However, how much you do is completely up to you and your fitness levels. The important thing is to push yourself but remember to listen to your body.

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Equally, if you're looking for simple pieces of kit to work out at home with, head over to our exercise equipment page for weights, mats and accessories that are easy-to-store and great value for money.