Fitness For Under A Fiver

There will always be days when you're not feeling the gym. Maybe you're tired, or it's too cold or the thought of heading under those bright lights is making you want to press your face into the wall.

We understand.

But when you skip a couple of workouts, there's always that element of sofa-guilt. When you've been sat down for too long and you know you probably should have done some exercise.

Of course, having a home gym is really beneficial – not to mention convenient. But admittedly you need at least a small amount of space – preferably a garage – to get one set up.

That doesn't mean you can't work out at home though. Staying fit is all about training hard, regularly and doing a variety of exercises.

Mixing things up is also great for motivation. Forcing yourself through a routine when you're not really feeling it is just going to make you dislike exercise, so making sure your experiences of working out are all really positive will help you in the long run.

And the best thing about working out at home is that there so many things you can do to stay fit, that don't take up lots of room – and won't break the bank either.

Ready to get started?

Five fitness accessories for under a fiver


1) Skipping rope

There's a reason why boxers skip: it's a simple but fantastically effective form of cardio. And if you've ever tried to do 30 minutes skipping, you'll know how tiring it can be. It's also fun to do and is much more engaging than just running on the treadmill. It works your arms and you can change your step from crossovers to double jumps, to hops, high knees, kick backs or even backwards skipping. Adjust the length so it's perfect for your height and away you go! Take it down the park, do it in your garden, or if you have enough room, you can even do it in the living room!

Get yours here: Mirafit Skipping Rope

2) Core sliders

Double sided so they can be used on different floor types, sliders are great for getting in a bit of extra strengthening. Fun to use and the type of thing you don't see so much down at the gym, you can use sliders to do knee-tucks, mountain climbers, sliding pushups, pikes, reverse tucks, sliding squats, lateral lunges, sliding burpees, sliding jacks into a wide squat, skis, arm slides and staggered pushups.

Get yours here: Mirafit Core Sliders

3)Mini dumbbells

Mini dumbbells may not look like much, but they're great for upping the intensity of your cardio workouts. Just them for jumping jacks, squat punches, shoulder presses while doing high knees and arm circles.

Get yours here: Pair of Mirafit Soft Touch Dumbbells


4)Yoga blocks

Whether you're a budding Yogi or not, Yoga blocks are really useful tools to help you strengthen your legs, core and back as well as support you while you stretch. Use them as a pillow, sit on them, stand on them or just hold onto them. There are lots of inspirational videos on YouTube and they're also great for Pilates exercises as well as rehabilitation exercises.

Get yours here: Mirafit Yoga Blocks

5) Foam roller

Resting and recovering is just as important as training hard. Take care of your muscles, relax, stretch and loosen up those trigger points with a foam roller. They're great for easing off tension around the glutes and hips and they can also be used on your joints which will help you get deeper squats and lunges when you train.

Get yours here: Mirafit EPE Foam Roller

Proof that having five star fitness equipment at home doesn't cost the world, all these accessories are under a fiver and they're still brilliant for helping you to stay fit and strong – all without stepping foot in the gym!

Explore the full range of accessories here.

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