Do Different Without The Gym

When you want to work out but your motivation is low, sometimes just mixing it up and doing something different is the best way to feel invigorated again.

And that's what Do Different is all about. Not sticking to your usual fitness rules. But doing what feels fun and inviting.

Reps, sets and counting can all go out the window for this one. It's all about just burning some energy and going wherever the mood takes you.

Of course, when it comes to this style of routine, it really is up to you. Pick a new piece of kit, go running somewhere new, find a fitness workout online that you haven't done before, set yourself a new challenge – whatever you like!

And as soon as you feel inspired, you'll instantly get that boost of energy that you've been looking for.

What you'll need:

Young man jumping onto 3 in 1 plyo jump box

The exercises:

Soft Plyo box:

  • Plyo boxes are designed to help you progress your power and explosivity. Plus they're really fun to use. Jump up, press up, press down and burn up all your energy on these versatile pieces of kit.

Weighted hula hoop:

  • It's not every day you get to work out using a hula hoop. So having one at home can really be beneficial when you're stuck for fitness inspiration. Not only are they great for your core, but they get your heart rate up too. They're fun to use and can be picked up and put down at any time.

Mirafit sliders:

  • These are fantastic for strengthening, really fun to use and great for inspiring you to do something a little bit different.
  • They can be used almost anywhere and whether you're up for an intense workout or just want to zone out in front of the TV, they're still a great bit of kit that you can pick up and put down.

The workout:

  • When you do different, there are no rules so this is really up to you. Even 10 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. So, whether you've planned in a full hour of intense cardio, or just a quick blast before you have your dinner, it really doesn't matter. This is about getting in a workout that's designed by you and is solely for you.

Taking it to the next level:

  • When you do different, there are no next levels. This is all about making your own rules, feeling free and doing what you want. Concentrate on looking after your well-being and your fitness will follow.

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