Ultimate Christmas Gifts For The Weightlifter In Your Life

When you’re a serious lifter, getting a pile of bad socks and terrible ties for Christmas can put a bit of a dampener on things. Because when fitness is your life – whatever your style of training – you want something new that you can really get your teeth into.

And if this sounds like the person you’re buying for, then look no further. Because we’ve put together the ultimate guide that will really up your gift giving game.

We’ve got stacks of gym equipment that’s perfect for the weightlifter in your life. And because we deliver gear that’s built-to-last but that’s also great value for money, you can afford to really impress.

Below, you’ll find our top five picks that are guaranteed to get your name well and truly on this year’s nice list. But if they’ve already got an impressive stash of fitness equipment, there’s plenty more on our website. And we’ve got brand new products coming in all the time so keep an eye out for those too.

Ultimate gifts for weightlifters

1) M3 Weight Sled Kit

Stuck for ideas? The Mirafit M3 Weight Sled Kit is on the top of many a weightlifter’s wish list. Not only will they get their very own sleigh this Christmas (well, kinda) but they’ll be able to train in a way that they’ve never trained before. Finally, they can train heavy without having to follow the same routine day in and day out.

The M3 Sled can be loaded up with Olympic weights and then pushed and pulled to their heart’s content. The sled comes with a harness for hands free dragging and it’s a fantastic piece for endurance training, as well as fat burning. You can even use it as a battlerope anchor.

Can be used at home or simply taken down the park or local playing field for some hardcore outdoor training. Ideal for rugby players, HIIT and bootcamp too.

Price: £179.95

2) 6 Pair Hex Dumbbells and Storage Tree

Let’s face it. For the fitness fanatic in your life, this is going to be the best tree in the room come December 25th. The 6 Pair Hex Dumbbells and Storage Tree is one of our best sellers and we can definitely see why. It’s a real cornerstone of any home gym and provides the basis for a lot of strength training.

The hex weights are a really popular design as not only do they look great, but the angled ends stop the weights from rolling away when swapping loads.

Dumbbells are really important for helping you to isolate and train specific muscles too. And because each arm has to work individually, they help you avoid any imbalances if one side is stronger than the other.

And of course, if the person you know is currently building up their home gym, then having storage options is really useful for saving on floor space and also adds a clean, professional look they can be really proud of. After all, when you train almost every day, you want the space you’re in to look nice.

Price: £249.95

3) M2 Semi Commerical Adjustable Weight Bench

There is so much you can do with an adjustable weight bench. Not just for strength training they can actually be used for some cardio exercises too. Weight benches are a really key component to any gym. Mainly because they have been built to handle the weight loads that the user is taking on while supporting and guiding their movements.

The M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench in particular has lots of features that would really benefit the weightlifter in your life. Firstly, it can handle up to 260kg which is plenty for most lifters. The adjustable backrest can be fixed in six different positions allowing for exercises such as incline bench presses, reverse flyes and lower ab work.

And the seat can also be adjusted into four different positions for optimal training.

This weight bench is too good to be true and because of its versatility, it definitely makes our ultimate gift list.

Price: £89.95

young woman using the m2 semi commercial weight bench and dumbbells

4) 7ft Olympic Weight Bar – black

Whether the lifter in your life is already training with a full-size weight bar or has been working their way up, the Mirafit M3 20kg Olympic Weight Bar (7ft) is something really special. Not only is it the one you want for power racks and squat racks as well as for using Olympic size weights. But it has been expertly designed and tested to take up to 680kg – making it a reliable bar you can trust.

Not just a solid construction, the bar features several internal components that allow it to handle up to 218k psi tensile strength.

And the knurled markings help to ensure that training is always balanced and on form – especially important if they’re training for an event.

Definitely one to go on the list – just make sure you’ve got room in the garage to hide it before the big day!

Price: £149.95

5) Black Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates

Weightlifters can’t really do much without any weights. And to be honest, even if they’ve got the initial loads, progression training dictates that they’re only going to need more. Bumper plates are some of our most popular weight plates.

Why? Well, firstly they’re all the same size, no matter what weight they are. This not only looks more uniform, but it also makes moves like deadlifts a lot easier as they’re all at the same height.

The rubber outer construction means they absorb the impact of controlled drops which prevents damage to the 7ft weight bar you’ve just bought them – as well as their floors.

And lastly, you don’t even need a bar to use them if you don’t want to. They’re actually really versatile and there are so many different exercises you can do with just a bumper plate on its own.

So, whether you’re looking to top them up, complete their gym or just give them a starter for 10, the Mirafit Bumper Plate range is definitely the way to go.

Price from: £19.95

young woman using the black rubber bumper plates during her workout

And if they already have all of the above, head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages @MirafitOfficial for more inspiration.

Order before December 17th to make sure you get everything before Christmas. And when you order with us, you’ll never pay more than £4.95 for shipping to UK mainland – which is definitely a deal you can’t afford to miss!

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