Let’s face it – no one uses their garage for cars. Storage? Yes. Bikes? Yes. Rudimentary home beer making kit? Yes.

Car? No.

There’s just something about having an extra room that makes it seem like a waste if you just park your car in there – especially when it can be kept outside.

And when it comes to looking after your fitness, the more time you spend at the gym glaring at the guy who’s constantly taking up the squat rack, the more you contemplate how much time – and money – you’d save by having a home gym.


What is a garage gym?

Garage gyms are the answer to all your fitness problems – make it a Mirafit garage gym and you have the best thing ever – plus you can colour coordinate and get that classic black and orange combination.

Train in the comfort of your own home whenever you like, for as long as you like – all while saving precious time and money. You’ve got your own kit that’s set at the right height and you don’t have to deal with the people who don’t wipe down the machines at the gym…


How to create the perfect home gym


Although it might seem like a shortcut to do bench presses on your bed – it’s not.

And take it from us, putting a set of 200kg weight plates onto that new wooden floor you’ve just had laid won’t bring you any smiles either.

The domestic garage is not only home to bikes, tools and that Soda Stream you were convinced was missing from your life, but it’s got some other pretty handy traits too:

Flooring – even though no one’s using their garages for cars, they are what garages were originally designed for. Therefore they can handle your extreme weight loads, squat fail throws and general roars without damaging the structural integrity of your home.

Temperature – having your gym in the garage means it’s also a lot cooler. Fewer windows means you can keep the sun out on those burning hot days and in the evening, you can open up the garage doors to cool off.

Space – again, garages are primarily designed for cars so even though sizes may vary, they are rarely smaller than 3m by 6m, providing you with a good amount of space for working out in. Save space and make sure you always have plenty of room by keeping your gym space tidy with weight racks and bar holders. Extra storage boxes are also really handy for any gym accessories like ropes, sliders and knee straps.

Noise levels – Whether you love to turn your music up, take your aggression out on the punch bag or simply release your war cry, having somewhere you can be yourself makes life a lot easier.

Eat, sleep, train, repeat – by having a garage gym, you’ll never need to clear your equipment away for extra house guests or for general living space which means you can keep everything set up as it is. You may need to use your garage for extra storage space at some point but you can do this by using stackable storage boxes or hanging extra storage from the ceiling.

Under lock and key – having a garage gym also means your equipment can be kept safely locked away. Before you start, make sure your garage is secure and can’t be accessed from the outside without a key. It’s also important to make sure the door you use to access the garage from inside the house is lockable. This way you know that any nearby children don’t use your rack as a climbing frame (only you’re allowed to do that).

The bottom line is, garages are quite simply gyms waiting to happen, so park your car on the street, have a clear out and get started.


What do you need for a home gym?

Once you’ve cleared some space, it’s time to put a wishlist together. Weight training is the most efficient way to increase strength as well as boost your metabolism – helping you to burn more calories at rest. So we’ve gone with a weights-focused garage gym plan for optimum fitness that still allows you to include a good amount of cardio.

Trying to decide what to get (as well as keep an eye on how much it’s going to cost) can be tricky. There are lots of pieces of specialist equipment to choose from and knowing which pieces go with what can make the whole thing very time-consuming.

Luckily, our team of experts have stripped down the garage gym to its core so that you can see exactly what you need to get to hit your goals.


Garage gym essentials:

Single garage (approx. 3m x 6m):




Double garage (approx. 7m x6m):




Beyond the basics:

Mirafit M1 250Kg Power Cage with Cable System

An all-round fantastic piece of equipment that will allow you to strengthen and build muscle across your whole body. Includes spotters for squat work. And as it’s one of the best-priced racks on the market, you can’t really go wrong.


If you’re already lifting weights, you might want to consider a power cage that can take a greater amount of weight. It’s also worth considering that the cable system can limit your bench press options. The solution would be to get a separate bench press stand or a power rack that doesn’t have a cable system in place.

Tailor it to your goals

I’m all about the weight load:

Swap: The M1 power cage for: Mirafit M2 360Kg Power Cage (£249.95) (360kg max weight load)

I want options:

Swap: The M1 power cage for: Mirafit Half Power Cage with Cable System & Adjustable Weight Bench (£329.95 – includes bench) (200kg)

I want all the options:

Add in: Mirafit Adjustable Weight Bench & Squat Rack Kit (£169.95 – includes bench) (260kg max weight load)


• Olympic weight bars

The Mirafit 7ft Olympic Barbell is the most versatile bar and weighs in at 17kg as a starter weight. The Olympic bars have the most potential in terms of training as they will be able to handle bigger weight loads as you progress. Having a 7ft bar will allow you to carry out bench presses as well as squats and dead lifts.



If you want to bring more precision to your weight training, add in some more specialised Olympic weight training bars as you go.

Tailor it to your goals

I’ve chosen a power cage without a cable system:

Add in: Mirafit 2" Olympic Tricep Bar & Spring Collars (£44.95) (bar weight 10.6kg) to target your triceps.

I want options:

Add in: Mirafit 2" Olympic EZ Curl Bar (£29.95) (bar weight 8kg) for a wide range of upper body exercises as well as to reduce strain on your joints.

I want isolation exercises

Add in: Mirafit 2'' Olympic Dumbbell Bar (£19.95 each) (bar weight 6kg)


• Mirafit M1 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

The Mirafit M1 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench is a really versatile piece of equipment and can be used for a wide variety of exercises. If you are thinking of getting a power cage with a cable system in place, having an adjustable weight bench will also allow you to perform incline bench presses while using the spotters. The cable system will get in the way of a flat bench so they are not compatible for flat bench presses.



An adjustable weight bench is more versatile than a flat bench, however they can’t usually handle as much weight as a semi-commercial flat weight bench. So if you’re serious about bench pressing, you might want to swap out the adjustable weight bench and get a flat bench to use with the Mirafit M2 360Kg Power Cage instead.

Tailor it to your goals

I’m all about the weight load:

Choose: A Mirafit M2 360Kg Power Cage (£249.95) and a Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Flat Weight Bench (£79.95) (power cage max weight load 360kg) (weight bench max weight load 400kg)


• Mirafit Classic Aerobic Exercise Stepper

The Mirafit Classic Aerobic Stepper is a great piece of equipment for adding in some charged up low box work. Make sure you include a good range of plyometric exercises to increase power, speed and cardio endurance.



The premium range of Mirafit Exercise Steppers not only have a slick design but they have the potential to go higher with extra raiser blocks – ideal for anyone looking for a high impact workout.

Tailor it to your goals:

• I want to increase my cardio performance:

Swap: The Classic Stepper for: Mirafit Premium Exercise Stepper (£37.95) and add in extra raiser blocks (£11.95 for one pair) to maximise intensity.


• Olympic weight plates

If you’re training already, you’ll know the amount of weight load you want to lift and increase to. Make sure your weight plates match the size of your weight bars (we’ve gone with 2” Olympic weight plates and bars all the way for maximum lifting potential) and choose a variety of weight plates so that you can make small, load efficient increases.


• Battle ropes

Battle ropes not only give you a great, all-over-body workout but they’re incredibly durable making them the perfect piece of kit to take out your aggression on after a long day. They are guaranteed to get you out of breath.

 Why not try?

If you’ve not go the space for a battle rope get a Mirafit Battle Rope Outdoor Stake/Spike Ground Anchor (£9.95) or a Mirafit 1M Multi Purpose Battle Rope Anchor Chain (£6.95) so you can use the battle rope outside.


• Accessories

Having a range of gym accessories will help you mix things up regularly. And the best thing about them is they’re really inexpensive to buy, allowing you to get much more bang for your buck.


Pop them on your Mirafit wishlist and alert your friends/family:

• Mirafit Barbell Weight Bar Pad – £6.95

• Mirafit Mens Weight Lifting Gloves – £7.95

• Mirafit Knee Wraps – £7.95

• Mirafit Core Exercise Sliders – £4.95 for a pair

• Mirafit Soft Microfibre Towel – From £3.95

• Mirafit Rotating Push Up Handles – £7.95


Browse the range of Mirafit accessories.


 Credits: Thank you to @frankiemardon_fitness, @jakemower94, @mmacd1985, @nwcasey, @ryancrisppp, @thepongopete and @threshers_journey for sending us pics of their Mirafit home gyms.

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