Burn Calories Without The Gym

Getting a real sweat on can be a great way to start the week as well as eat into those weekend calories. It's also the perfect way to start your Saturday when you have lots of energy after a good night's sleep and are raring to go.

Burning lots of calories is all about getting your heartrate up nice and high so you want to opt for a HIIT or Tabata style workout.

This means short periods of intense exercise that you can blast your way through so you can get a full workout in just 30 minutes!

What you'll need:

The exercises:

Skipping rope:

  • Vary your skipping styles to get your heart rate up and really push yourself – ideal for burning calories. Skipping styles include hopping, jumping, double-unders (two spins of the rope per jump) high knees, jumping jacks, kickbacks, side-to-side jumps, crossovers and backwards skipping.
  • It's also a good idea to vary your speeds. A fast skipping pace is around 170-180 jumps per minute (around the same speed as a lot of drum and bass) but if you take it down to 100 jumps per minute, you'll be able to maintain a lower heart rate which is where you want to be if you are looking to burn fat.

Aerobic stepper:

  • When it comes to aerobic steppers, it's all about the endurance. Use the raiser blocks to increase the height as well as the intensity. And if you're looking to get in some toning at the same time, the stepper is also a useful tool for decline work such as decline press ups, and also decline jack planks and mountain climbers.

Ankle weights:

  • Ankle weights are great for adding to the intensity of your workout so you can strengthen your muscles as you burn calories. Adding weight also requires more energy to lift and move so will help you reach your calorie burning goals. Use heavier ankle weights for strengthening or lighter ankle weights to use while you run. This is also great for fat burning and will help to strengthen your hips, ankles and quads.

person using exercise stepper with white trainers on

The workout:

When it comes to burning calories, you want to make sure your heart rate is around 75-80% of its maximum rate. This is to ensure your body's response to your workout is of a calorie burning nature. If you're looking to burn fat however (calories that have already been stored) you want your heart rate to be lower (around 50-60% of your maximum heart rate).

Calorie burning workouts include things like HIIT and Tabata, where you're doing high intensity exercises in one-minute blasts for around half an hour at a time. Skipping is also great for calorie burning as well as hill sprints.

Fat burning exercises are slower but go on for longer. These include things like long-distance runs where you're doing a slow run/jog for 10km or more.

Taking it to the next level:

  • Set yourself a challenge by creating a mini circuit and then seeing how many times you can complete it. Reduce your recovery time each round to really add on the pressure!

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