build muscle without the gym with an image of weights

Building up strength is all about doing compound exercises. And there's no better compound exercise than the squat. They're great for stimulating your body's production of muscle-building hormones, as well as targeting your posterior chain.

Other beneficial compound exercises include pull ups. And even if you can't do a pull up yet, training to do one is still great for your body. There are lots of ways you can build up your strength to achieve your goal. You can read about how to do a pull up in our buyer's guide blog.

And finally, who can forget the bench press? Not just good for strengthening your chest, but your shoulders and arms too. Even if you do them without a typical set-up, you can still reap many of the benefits. Do some reps with a weight bag or bumper plate to increase strength and definition.

Young man doing a pull up on a mirafit power rack

What you'll need:

The exercises:

Bumper plate:

  • Squats – for building up the strength in your posterior chain
  • Lunges – to work on your glutes and hamstrings
  • Wood choppers – for rotational strength
  • Bench presses
  • Push forwards – add in squats for maximum intensity
  • Shoulder presses

Pull up Bar:

  • Pull ups
  • Chin ups
  • Active hangs
  • Muscle ups – if you've already mastered the pull up!
  • L-sits – to work your core as well as your arms
  • Towel pull ups – incredible for improving your grip strength

The workout:

Although it's possible to talk about how to strengthen your body almost infinitely, the main thing you're looking to do is use a high amount of weight – around 85% of your one-rep max – and do fewer reps (around three to five). You'll also just want to keep mixing things up so vary your workout styles and keep pushing your limits. Remember, if you're not gurning, you're not pushing yourself hard enough!

Taking it to the next level:

Squats are some of the best exercises you can do for overall strength as well as muscle gains. If you're serious about your weight training, it's definitely worth investing in a squat rack. That way, you can up your weight load as you progress and start taking on the amount you need to really layer up some muscle mass.

Strengthening is really important for staying in shape and avoiding injury. However, your heart needs strengthening too! Get a great cardio workout with our tips on how to burn calories and torch fat