Bootcamp Essentials: Kit List

Most of us have heard of bootcamps. But many of us also think of it as a group workout.

You turn up, someone gives you a tractor tyre and you get shouted at for an hour in the mud.

So, we decided to re-write the rules.

Build your own bootcamp is about being your own source of motivation. Finding what you enjoy, doing it and not having to fit in with anyone else's timetable.

You choose where you train, how you train and your only competition – is you.

What you need

image of mirafit battle rope outside

Workouts should never be easy. But setting them up and having that chance to train – should be.

We all have busy lives and if heading out to do an intense workout takes too much time and preparation, we're never going to do it.

That's why we base all our bootcamp workouts around kit that can be stored in the back of your car so you can head out and train whenever you want.

You don't need an extra room in the house, and each piece has been expertly designed to be as versatile and heavy duty as possible. This also means you can get a full body workout that's as intense as you want it to be.

The kit list

You can get everything you need to build your own bootcamp with one of our Bootcamp Kits - available in different levels of intensity.

image of mirafit bootcamp kit which includes a battle rope slam ball kettlebell and sandbag

Choosing the right package level

Bootcamp workouts are essentially HIIT workouts with a bit more grit.

They're about getting away from the form and precision of the gym and breaking out into a cold, hard sweat.

You get out of them what you put into them.

Building on HIIT mentality, you're no longer thinking about your one rep max. This is strength-endurance training so you're looking for weight loads that you can incorporate into exercises that are for cardio as well as resistance training.

The extra power and explosivity that's needed for jumping squats – compared to training at the squat rack – is enough to make you cut the weight down so that you're able to direct your energy into multiple functions.

So, when choosing a weight load, you're looking for something that will really put the pressure on, however something that you can keep training with for around a minute. HIIT is based on doing short bursts of intense exercise so instead of counting reps, you want to use time as your guide for how much you take on.

Check out our video below to see personal trainer Steve Parke talking about some of the essential pieces of bootcamp kit and how you can use them:

Best places to do bootcamp

image of mirafit slam ball hitting the grass outside

One of the best things about designing your own workouts is that you get to choose when and where you train. Whether that's in the garden, down at the park, along the beach or out in the countryside. Not only is it a great way to get some headspace but it allows you to work your training into your own schedule – not someone else's.

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