Body Confidence – Find It, Keep It.

How many times have you sucked in your tummy because you think it’s too round? How many times have you crossed your legs to make them look smaller? How often have you sweated your way through a boiling hot day in heavy clothes because you’re terrified of showing your body?

Body image has always been a tricky subject. It seems like every day there’s a new message. Curvy is sexy, skinny is cool, strong is empowering…

But what if we don’t fit into any of these?

Ask anyone about their body and nearly everyone will have something about themselves that they wish they could change.

It can sometimes feel like being ourselves isn’t good enough – but it’s actually more than good enough – it’s amazing.

Time for change

Strong woman doing yoga

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so curbing your undeniable addiction to eating KitKats in a poncho isn’t going to happen overnight (*Finishes KitKat *Strokes poncho).

Looking at ourselves in the mirror can be a daily torment and reinforcing negative thoughts about ourselves can lead to a detrimental way of thinking. The truth is, loving yourself has a ripple effect: being positive about the way you look improves other parts of your life tenfold and will inspire others too.

So – where to start?

The naked truth

Mirror avoidance – the struggle is real. But it’s time to embrace who you are. No cheats, no Spanx and definitely none of those bodyshaping tights we keep picking up in Boots.

Look in the mirror and find at least one thing you love about your body. Focus on it and remind yourself how it makes you feel good, every day.

The next week, find another part, and another – keep doing it.

A little TLC

Woman holding a mug that says like a boss

Sometimes, looking after ourselves is recognising that we are indeed worth it (thanks L'Oréal).

So drop the detox tablets, bin the faddy regime (we’re looking at you moon dieters) and get your head in gear. Eat well, drink lots of water, have fun and be guided by what’s best for you - not others.

Face your fears

Skinny is a word that should never have been bought into the world of fashion. But there it is – skinny belts, skinny jeans and skinny joggers. BE GONE WITH YOU!! *Sigh.

But it’s here now, so let’s embrace it.

Hate showing off your tummy? Wear a skinny belt and embrace your beauty. Loathe your legs? Slip into a pair of skinny jeans and strut with pride.

You’ll soon find showing off the areas of your body you like the least to be really rewarding and is guaranteed to give you a confidence boost.

Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear

Woman with pink ribbon in her hair

Before you turn up to your Friday morning meeting dressed in a unicorn onesie, we mean wear something you wouldn’t normally choose.

It could be anything from a summer dress to something brightly coloured, something that shows off your midriff or perhaps a new hair accessory. Whatever you decide to don, wear it with confidence and let the compliments roll in!

Selfie Shmelfie

Duck face? Fish gape? WHAT’S BECOME OF US!? *weeps

It’s time we stopped the cultivation of picture-perfect images and celebrated who we are.

So when it comes to social media, focus on posting images where you are enjoying yourself – no filters, no multiple takes – nada. It can be with friends, out with the dogs or simply on your own, having the time of your life, stuffing your face with chips #justsayin

Am I enough?

Smiling young woman doing up her hair

Of course you are.

You are you – no matter what – and no one else can be you. Being the only one who holds your traits is empowering, and nurturing yourself is the key to finding a new wave of confidence, clarity and appreciation.

Be the best version of you.