Best Leg Workout

Best leg workout: introducing the sissy squat

King Sisyphus.

Know the name? If yes, we salute you.

If not, sit back and get ready to expand your mind. Because this name symbolises everything you want in life.

Firstly, sissy doesn’t mean weak. The name refers to Greek legend, King Sisyphus who was actually a bit of a jerk. And after antagonising one too many people, he was sent to the underworld to be punished.

So. You’re a king who’s finally fallen from his reign. What happens then? Hades gives you a massive rock and tells you to push it up the highest mountain – that’s what.

An impossible task, King Sisyphus tries to complete the task, only to fail his feat, moments before completion. The rock falls, and so does he. Leaving him to start again. He spends years trying to get the rock to the top, desperate to be set free, only to realise that this was his eternal punishment.

So what’s this got to do with doing squats?


King Sisyphus: was he a bit of a douchebag? Yes. Did he have quads that most of us dream of? Definitely.

So what are you waiting for?

Famous for his skull-crushing legs of eternity, this man made his mark. And now it’s time for you to make yours.

How to do a sissy squat

Without a sissy squat bench, sissy squats take a bit of mastering. In fact, this technique is pretty old-school, and it’s only more recently that sissy squat benches have been around to help make things a little easier. Sissy squats used to be performed by grabbing onto a bit of equipment and trying to lean back, balance, and keep your body straight while bending tight at the knees.

And once you had the technique down, you could finally attempt to master the move without holding onto anything. Great for impressing your friends, but as an exercise, it’s really not that effective unless you have the right equipment.

Firstly, you're just not stable enough to push your weight back, it's pretty much impossible to add on any more weight and a lot of the strain goes into your back rather than your quads.

Sissy squat bench benefits


One of the main features of the sissy squat is that you can lean back with confidence as the bench grabs hold of your calves and ankles. This means you’re secure and can actually push your weight back as you squat.

Not only this but instead of just doing a traditional squat, you can actually go all the way down into a sit up position. Putting ultimate strain on your quads as you come back up.

This exercise is great for so many reasons:

  • It takes the pressure off your knees which can be an issue when you do a lot of front squats.
  • It helps to build up your hip flexors - which is a really tricky area to target but will really benefit you if you can strengthen these up.
  • It will help to give you that teardrop thigh shape you’ve been looking for that squats alone can’t give you.
  • It’s a compound exercise which helps to stimulate muscle-building hormones for all-round gains.
  • Sissy squat benches allow you to do sissy squats with a barbell so you can progress your quad gains while staying secure.
  • You can work your core much more intensely than with normal squats.

Ready to take on the ultimate squat?


Sissy squats are a great variation to the traditional squat and will have your thighs bulging in no time. Simple to start, a feat to master and a beast to conquer – anyone looking for the strength of a Greek legend, need look no further.

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