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Best Kit For Home Workouts

Having the option to get a workout in at home can be really useful. Especially if you lead a busy lifestyle and don't always have time to go to the gym. But, not all of us have the room for a garage gym and trying to work out in a small space, especially in an upstairs flat, can sometimes feel like it's not an option.

The thing is, even if you don't have the time to go to the gym, then just doing 10 minutes' worth of exercise is better than nothing.

And there's actually a lot you can fit into those 10 minutes. For example, while you're waiting for your pasta to boil, you can fit in 300 squats. Waiting for the kettle? How about a one-minute wall run? Waiting for the shower? 30 push ups.

By thinking creatively, you can start to weave getting fit into your day, without having to take a chunk of time out of your evening when you're tired to visit the gym.

And as you start to build fitness into your daily routine, you have the option to expand your routine. You'll be able to incorporate a variety of exercises into your homelife, without the need for large pieces of gym equipment.

To help you start to build fitness into your lifestyle, we've put together our top five pieces of kit for working out at home.

They're versatile, space-saving and affordable. And best of all, they help you reach your goals.

Working out at home

1) Weighted body bar

No weight plates, easy to store, super handy and comfortable to use. Our body bars are cushioned so they're great even if you're inexperienced with bars.

Available in a range of sizes (2kg-10kg), they're dense and compact making them a solid weight that's also slimline and easy to hold.

You don't need to buy lots of extra equipment to use with them either. Just slip it under the sofa, under the bed or simply in the corner. Pick up and put down whenever you fancy and use to curl, squat, lunge, hip raise, triceps raise – whatever you fancy.

The weight is evenly distributed which makes it easier to support in comparison to a weighted barbell. But having the weight away from your body (as opposed to dumbbells) means you really work your core to stay balanced.

This is all-round fantastic piece of equipment and really worth having at home as a little extra. Use in the kitchen, while you watch TV or up and down the hallway as you get ready for work!

Get yours here: Mirafit Body Bar

2) Fitness mat

When it comes to fitness, there's so much you can do using just your bodyweight. And these textured exercise mats are wonderful for providing you with a space to stretch and strengthen.

Not only do you have a designated space that's free from obstruction, you can keep it clean and it's comfortable to work out on. Perfect if you're planning on working up a sweat and want that little piece of gym flooring without the membership fee!

If you do Yoga or Pilates then they're also great for providing that level of grip you need to hold your poses and stretch out on.

Also, if you work out in bare feet, then you can perform exercises such as jumping squats and burpees with a secure footing whenever you land.

Get yours here: Mirafit Textured PVC Exercise Mat

young athletic woman in gym attire doing donkey kicks on a yoga mat in her living room

3) Slam ball

Slam balls aren't just for slamming! Granted, if you have a lovely concrete kitchen floor and want to really take out the stresses of the day while you microwave your peas – be our guest! But these non-bounce slam balls are also, a great alternative to dumbbells, barbells and landmines.

Great for core work – Russian twists are definitely a favourite here at Mirafit HQ. But also overhead work and rotational work is really easy to build in.

Comfortable to hold, hip lift, raise, push, bounce and work out with a good solid weight – that can handle both intense and more gentle workout regimes. Available in a range of sizes and great for all abilities.

Get yours here: Mirafit Slam Ball

young athletic woman doing yoga on a yoga mat in her home

4) Ankle weights

Strap them on and go about your daily business! Quite simply, our ankle/wrist weights can turn your daily tasks into a workout. Tone your arms while you sort out the laundry or do some leg raises while you watch TV.

Perhaps not the best thing to wear while cooking, but you get the idea.

Even just climbing the stairs becomes a workout. It really is as simple as that.

And if you prefer a more structured approach to your workouts, they're really great for targeting your glutes, thighs and lower back. Use them while you raise, donkey kick, extend and lift for stronger legs, bums – and even tums! Wear them while doing leg extensions on your back and you can intensify your lower ab workout.

Not just for ankles, pop them on your wrists and lift, raise, curl and stretch. You don't need to worry about holding onto weights either allowing you to keep your hands free for important items such as water bottles, phones and remotes!

Get yours here: Mirafit Ankle/Wrist Weights

5) Leg stretcher

With many of us spending our days at a desk, it's so common to feel tense and stiff at the end of the day. And when we're short on time, loosening up our joints becomes less of a priority when we want to do other things such as strengthen, burn calories and work on perfecting our peach butt.

But stretching will really help with so many things – it's great for easing tension and making you feel more relaxed. And being more supple will help you with other elements of your training regime.

For example, having greater hip flexibility will help you squat deeper – meaning you can target your posterior chain more, rather than just your quads.

It's not engaging though – we understand. And often we wait until a personal trainer does it for us so at least then we can have a chat at the same time!

That's why the leg stretcher is so good. It's a solid 3-bar piece of kit that can be slipped away under the sofa and brought out whenever you want to just sit and watch TV.

Hold onto the bar to push your stretches to the limit, while strengthening your arms by pulling on the bar.

Get yours here: Mirafit Leg Stretcher

At Mirafit, we believe fitness should be made accessible to everyone – no matter your lifestyle. Staying healthy has so many positive effects – for your mental well-being as well as your physical. Be the best version of you.

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