Banish Stress Without The Gym

Without the gym

When you've had a bad day, the gym isn't always the place you want to head to. Bright lights, loud music and lots of people won't always help calm your brain.

The best thing to do when you need to really release some energy, is to head out – whatever the weather – and use up all your energy. That way, you can release some endorphins, burn off that adrenaline and feel good.

And with a few basic bits of kit, you can get a full body workout, while enjoying the great outdoors. Head down to the park, out into the countryside or even the beach!

What you'll need:

The exercises:

Slam ball:

  • Throw downs – ideal for getting rid of some pent-up energy and aggression
  • Russian twists – for a solid core
  • Overhead crunches – targets your triceps as well as your core
  • Chest passes against the wall – great for developing upper body power
  • Bulgarian split squats with one foot on the slam ball – work your glutes and your core at the same time


  • Power slams – to use up all your energy. Great for working your arms and core
  • Hip toss – like standing Russian twists, move the rope from side to side working your core and arms
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise motions – the larger the circles, the harder it is!
  • Side-to-side waves – ideal for targeting your biceps as well as your forearms
  • Side-to-side gallop – classic battlerope waves with an extra high heart rate – ideal for getting in some cardio to really burn off some adrenaline

Sled and harness:

Working with the sled and harness is about varying your training approach. Load it up with weights and sprint as fast as you can to increase power. Go for a lighter weight and sprint for strength and cardio. And then go for the burn with a high weight load and a more controlled push forward.

mirafit bright orange battle rope anchor station with battle rope attached to corner

The workout:

The best thing to do is to take a  HIIT approach to this workout: do each exercise for a minute, take a minute's break to recover and then move onto the next exercise. Keep cycling through for no longer than half an hour. That way, you'll get the most out of your

Taking it to the next level:
  • If your fitness levels are already pretty high, start to decrease the recovery time until you are only taking 20 second breaks in-between exercises. That way, you'll be able really push your limits. Tire yourself out, hydrate and ride the endorphin wave. Afterwards, get a hot shower, along with a good night's sleep.

Feeling stressed? A full-on workout is great for burning off that extra energy, but it's also great to take some time out to relax and clear your mind too. Follow our tips for a relaxing workout regime here.