Why Battle Ropes Are Great

We don’t need to tell you how brilliant battle ropes are.

Use them for strength, cardio, variety – at whatever level – and they’ll have you working up a sweat in no time.

Not sure how to get the most out of your rope?

Check out our list of 30 incredible things you can do with your Mirafit Battle Rope.

1) Lasso the pizza delivery guy on the way home from the pub

2) Sweat like a boss

3) Tie it to a helicopter and make your secret getaway

4) Rope swing across the landing

5) Work your stabilising muscles

6) A pulley for snacks when you’re lazing in bed

7) Tie up burglars

8) Build muscle

9) Climb up the chimney and pretend to be Santa

10) Banish stress

11) Practise snake charming in the garden

12) Walk the dog while driving

13) Measure stuff that’s either 9m, 12m or 15m long

14) Stir a homemade chilli

15) Get a great cardio workout

16) Throw it at people you don’t like

17) Pull the car out the mud like a pro

18) Coil it up and wear as an amazing hat

19) Shake up your workout

20) Tie the fridge-freezer to the roof of your car

21) Wear as an extremely impractical belt

22) Hands-free trolley pulling at the local supermarket

23) Tenderise a budget chicken breast

24) Dress up as Indiana Jones

25) Reserve the best spot next to the pool

26) Level up your skipping rope

27) Torch fat

28) Rescue a damsel in distress

29) Use to descend into the office Mission Impossible style

30) Threaten bullies

Disclaimer: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – and that goes for pretty much all of these ridiculous suggestions. Play it safe and use your battle rope for good, not evil.