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What To Consider When Buying A Multi Gym

Staying fit and healthy means finding a training regime that works for you. Going to the local gym can be time consuming as well as expensive – and if explaining to the guy camped out on the lat pulldown machine that waiting for him to move isn’t exactly what you had planned for the evening, then a multi gym could be a perfect solution.

Being able to get through your weight training at home means you can blast through your regime morning, noon – or even the middle of the night! And the best part is, you won’t need to deal with anyone on a treadmill wearing a hat.

What is a multi gym?

A multi gym is a single piece of training equipment which allows you to strengthen a variety of muscles without the need for lots of different machines. They’re great for home use as they allow you to work a full range of major muscle groups but they don’t take up too much space. Plus they can be more cost-effective as they are incredible versatile.

Multi gym benefits

Of course, being able to brag about having a home multi gym will definitely make conversations at the coffee machine a lot more satisfying – but there are other benefits too:

Diverse workout – a multi gym allows you to work lots of different muscle groups with just one machine. So instead of investing in a piece of equipment for each body part, you can work your whole body in one sitting.

Supplements your cardio – strength training is an important part of improving your fitness. Making sure your muscles are taken care of helps you to reduce your risk of injury, as well as to increase speed and power.

Privacy of your own home – whether you love singing along to MJ while you work out – or just end up gurning at everyone in the gym while you reach rep max – being able to train at home allows you to do all those things without feeling self-conscious.

Availability – sometimes it’s just easier to go to the gym when you know there will be fewer people there. But if those 10pm workouts are starting to take their toll, having a multi gym allows you to workout at peak times without having to rush or queue.

Space saving – multi gyms are designed to take up as little space as possible, so they’re perfect for anyone looking to make the most out of their garage or basement.

Money saving – sports centre memberships can be expensive, so having a home gym makes sense financially. And with such ease of access, you can get maximum usage out of it too.

Best home multi gyms

What multi gym you get will depend on what muscle groups you want to target. You may also want to consider how much weight you are likely to progress to – if you’re already using a good amount of weight, you may want to choose a more advanced multi gym that can handle a heavier load.

Mirafit M1 Multi Gym Lat Pull Down Machine


This piece of equipment is perfect for both beginners and intermediaries. Very versatile, it allows you to target a variety of muscle groups and can handle up to a 180kg load (maximum). The piece can take both 1” and 2” weights and includes a padded bench for lat pull downs and ab work. With an expertly designed cable system in place, this multi gym allows you to work your back, arms, shoulders and abs for a full, upper body workout.

Mirafit M1 Barbell Squat Rack and Cable Multi Station


A really versatile piece of kit, this multi gym allows you to work your whole body and is ideal for all abilities – from beginner to pro. The frame suits most 6ft and 7ft barbells and has a maximum weight bar load of 250kg. In addition, the cable system can handle up to 100kg and it even includes storage poles for weight plates.

The barbell rests are fully adjustable making this piece extra versatile. Target muscle groups around the body while performing exercises such as squats, pull downs, seated rows, bicep curls and tricep push downs.

Add an adjustable weight bench into the mix and you will be able to perform incline bench presses, as well as a range of other exercises to target your core.

Can I use a multi gym upstairs?

The multi gym itself can be placed upstairs but you need to consider the extra weight you are adding onto it and what impact it is going to have on your upstairs floors – especially in a condensed area. Working out upstairs could exert too much pressure on your flooring which in turn may make it weak - increasing the risk of structural damage to your home.

This is why we would always advise having your multi gym on a concrete floor – for example the ground floor, basement or garage – along with a protective covering to help absorb any impact.

Having your multi gym downstairs will also help to reduce noise impact as well as give you somewhere to store your weights.