Vibration Plate Benefits

Here at Mirafit, we love our vibration plates. They are the perfect way to round off a workout that's fun, engaging and most of all, effective.

Great for your muscles, they help you to improve your strength, flexibility and recovery, all in one go. Squat, stretch, lunge and press to really power up your workout and ensure that none of your hard work goes to waste.

We've spoken before about how to use a vibration plate, but what about how to get the most out of it?

Vibration plates can be used to complement your training regime – no matter your focus – whether you train at home, the gym, or partake in a sport or fitness class. Vibration plates are ideal for giving your training regime that added boost. Just 15 minutes a day can have a fantastic impact and you'll really start to see the benefits with your toning, strength and definition.

But what about the other benefits a vibration plate can do for you?

Here are our top 5 ways you can use a vibration plate to enhance your training regime:

1) Vibration plate for running

Runners are renowned for avoiding the gym. Getting out in the rain, pounding the concrete and really building up some speed is what they love the most. Even hill sprints are great for getting that rush of endorphins. But by avoiding that much-needed strength and flexibility training, runners inevitably end up with tightness and injuries.

By including daily vibration plate work on top of your running regime, you'll not only be able to target your weak points, but you can also improve your flexibility. Use the plate to stretch out your glutes and hip flexors as well as strengthen your glutes and hamstrings for added running power.

And if you're feeling confident, you can also use a foam roller on the vibration plate to help ease those trigger points – especially around your quads and glutes. Place the foam roller on the plate and then sit on the roller while stretching out your glutes. You can also lie across the foam roller in a push up position to ease tight hips. Again – only if you feel steady enough!

2) Vibration plate for Yoga

fitness expert does yoga pigeon pose on a mirafit vibration plate

There are so many benefits to Yoga – mindfulness, flexibility, relaxation and full-body strength. It does of course take time to build up that strength and loosen your joints. Vibration plates can help you improve your full body strength as well as flexibility, allowing you to complement your Yoga workouts.

There aren't many Yoga poses we would recommend doing on a vibration plate! In fact, the pigeon pose is as far as we would go to help stretch out your glutes – the basic version so can lean forward into the stretch. But the basic strength poses – squat, lunge, push up, hip raise, jack knife and dorsal raise – while using the plate will really help you work your muscles for optimum strength, flexibility and recovery.

3) Vibration plate to warm up

When it comes to stepping up onto your vibration plate, it's much more common to think of using it after a workout, rather than before. However, they can equally be used to warm up too. Doing full body stretches is not going to be effective at this point in your workout. However, using the plate to ease yourself into your routine is a great way to get your muscles working and prepped for weights.

If you've reached leg day and you're about to head over to the squat rack, prepare your body while holding squat and lunge positions on the vibration plate. Equally, if you are about to work your upper body and core, hold a push up and plank position as well as a jack knife, to really fire up those muscle fibres.

4) Vibration plates for recovery

Although it seems like vibration plates can give you a massage, they are actually used to force your muscles to work at a very fast rate. This means holding positions while tensing your muscles, to ensure they are working and getting stronger. While on the plate you should be focusing on holding your muscles tight and really concentrating on your posture, so that your back is straight and your hips are square. The idea that you can use vibration plates to completely rid yourself of DOMS or even prevent it, is a bit of a myth.

However, if you use the vibration plate to copy positions from the previous day's workout, you can increase the blood flow to your muscles and get them working again to help you recover more quickly.

So, if you were on the squat rack the previous day, you can hold a squat position on the vibration plate while you ache the next day to help your body repair. Doing some light stretching will also help your recovery as well as allow the vibrations to go a little deeper into your muscles.

5) Vibration plates for back problems

A weak back can cause no end of problems. Having a strong core - as well as back - will help support your spine and improve your posture. Stretching is best done once you have built up some strength; if you just focus on increasing your flexibility, you may end up increasing your risk of injury.

A strong core is the best way to help support your spine. Hold jack knives on the plate and use it to do planks as well – tensing your core and keeping your spine straight the whole time. You'll also help increase blood flow to those areas which will really aid your workout.

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(Remember not to use the vibration plate if you have any current injuries.)