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Mirafit Fitness Talk: ParkeCore Personal Training

Meet Steve Parke – Personal Trainer, Owner of ParkeCore Personal Training and all-round fitness buff.

Steve – along with Yogi-aspiring wife Mandie – live, love and swear by their philosophy of well-rounded fitness for all. Fitness that encompasses both the body and the mind, includes great nutrition, and all-inclusive workouts that challenge, stretch, benefit and advance.

Steve loves fitness and so do we, so we grabbed a few minutes with him to find out more about what motivates this absolute legend.

So Steve – what got you into fitness?

I started going to a local gym in Leicester when I was growing up. I was a bit chubby when I was a kid and got teased for it at school. While I was there, I met a guy who was great motivation and he saw so many qualities in me even though I was very shy. After that I started to feel more and more confident and progressed my training from there.

What is your main fitness focus when working with clients?

Most people want to lose weight or lose body fat and put on muscle. Some people want to be more shapely – a lot of it is gaining or conditioning things they wouldn’t able to do at the gym on their own.

The main focus for me has always been to help make our clients be as robust as possible. Mandie is very much into body confidence and mindfulness which is really inspiring so we make sure it’s not just a physical attitude – it’s a mental one too.

What equipment do you use the most when you’re with your clients?

I use our Mirafit Exercise Mats a lot – especially the padded folding mat. Floorboards are very uncomfortable – especially for exercises such as spiderman crawls and just anything on the floor where you’re working against gravity. The Mirafit Mat takes away the pain so it gives clients a chance to focus and feel comfortable.

Steve from Parkecore Personal Training using a Mirafit Slam Ball

Another staple piece of kit is our Mirafit 15kg Slam Ball. It’s great because it has even the biggest guys dripping in sweat. It’s very functional so you can use it for slamming but also exercises such as push-ups and burpees, and it’s very rugged too. I never have to worry about the equipment breaking which is a great advantage in what I do. People can work as hard as they can so I can just say ‘knock yourselves out’ – it’s a marvellous bit of kit.

My Mirafit Battle Rope works really well and is a real killer. I always use it with my clients and have had it for over a year now. It’s heavy duty and makes my job a lot more fun.

Oh and of course my Mirafit Power Cage which I use for my own personal training as well as with my clients. It’s perfect for things like squat and bench pressing, rows and pull ups – it’s a great workout.

How long have you been using Mirafit equipment?

Steve from Parkecore Personal Training using the Mirafit orange folding mat

For a good three years now. I started out with a humble Mirafit Squat Rack. At the time we were living in a Town House which had a lot of height but not much width so there wasn’t much space. We still managed to get the rack in there though along with some Yoga mats.

I remember looking for an Adjustable Squat Rack that wasn’t too big but had all the features. Mirafit was one of the only companies that did that. It’s got so much functionality, I was sold on it straight away. I train quite hard and the equipment isn’t damaged at all.

Find out more about Steve or get in touch at:

Steve from Parkecore Personal Training using Mirafit gym equipment