Valentine’s Gift Guide

Mirafit Valentine’s Gift Guide

February is upon us and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And whether you’re spending the day with your other half, or out on the pull, it’s undoubtedly the time to look your best. Washboard abs, solid steel arms and butt cheeks that could crush a walnut - 2019 is all about muscle building and there’s no better time to get buff.

And if you love to lift and wanna drop a few hints, or you’re looking for a Valentine’s present for your burly beloved, then sit tight and check out our gift guide. It’s filled with solid pieces of gear to kit out their home gym, as well as a few cheeky extras that are guaranteed to raise a smile.


Mirafit Valentine gift guide:


1) Foam roller

Not just good for getting rid of those knots and trigger points, foam rollers can also be used to work on your flexibility, including your glutes, hip flexors and inner thighs – easy tiger.

2) Padded mat

Get your core rock solid with these Mirafit Padded Folding Mats. Cushion your knees with the thick foam inner and wipe clean when you’re done.

3) Wrist straps

Get all tied up with these Mirafit Wrist Straps. Strong and comfortable, they’re ideal for helping to beef up your weight loads, without the added strain on those all important joints.


1) Battle Rope

Slam, pound and release tension in an instant with this essential piece of kit. Ideal for when you wanna rough things up, shock your body and get involved.

2) Mirafit 20kg Kettlebell

Wanna get yourself some hip-thrusting action? Look no further than the Mirafit 20kg Kettlebell. Ideal for working up a sweat, don’t forget to clench.

3) Yoga starter Kit

Getting yourself into some back-breaking positions? Train your body and keep joints supple with the Mirafit Yoga Starter Kit. Namaste.

Hottest Under £100


1) Olympic 7ft Barbell

We know size isn’t everything but a Mirafit 7ft Barbell is guaranteed to turn some heads. Ideal for power rack training, squats and deadlifts.When it comes to barbells, size matters.

2) Pull up bar

Give yourself a real raise with the M2 Pull Up Bar. Multi-grip, spice it up and change position for maximum gainz.

3) Squat rack

The team at Mirafit haven’t got prize-winning butts and legendary thighs for nothing. Get a piece of the action with our M1 Squat Rack and you too could look as good as us 😉

A few cheeky extras...


If you wanna make sure this year’s Valentine’s gifts are legendary, then here are the top picks from the Mirafit team of (love) experts:

1) Single Rope Tricep Attachment

These rope attachments are fantastic for building up upper arm strength. Need we say more?

2) Vibration Plate

Get ready to feel the Earth move with the Mirafit Vibration Plate. Just hop on and plug in for a full 10 minutes of daily satisfaction.

3) Massage balls

Who doesn’t wanna wind down after a long day with a sensual massage? Great for targeting areas of tension, go for the Lacrosse single balls for maximum focus or double up for a special Valentine’s treat...

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