Mirafit Christmas Gift Guide

It’s official, December is almost here – and that means? Christmas.

That’s right. The barbecue’s in the shed, the fireworks have all gone off, and the slightly dishevelled pumpkin that spent three weeks too many on the front step has finally been thrown away.

And as our eyes start to glaze over the cards, tags and selection boxes that are piled high in the stores, our minds turn to presents and how we’re going to surprise our nearest and dearest with the best ones yet.

And if you’re already panicking in the designer sock aisle, wondering if you should go for the 6 pack or the 12 – don’t worry, because the Mirafit Team has got you covered.

If your loved one enjoys keeping fit, or if they’re planning on getting in shape in the New Year (just as soon as they polish off the last box of chocolates…) we’ve got everything they could possibly wish for from weights to cardio equipment, racks, Yoga accessories and more.

Worried it’s going to break the bank? Mirafit has a wide range of high quality fitness equipment at some of the lowest prices in the UK. And just to prove it, we’ve even put together a gift guide of specially selected kit for under £20, as well as under £60 and under £100.

Got a question about any of our products? The Mirafit team of experts is ready to help – just ping us a message on Instagram @Mirafitofficial and we’ll get back to you asap.

Hoping your special someone will return the favour? Build up a Wish List on the Mirafit website and drop repeatedly loud hints at your leisure…

Happy shopping!



1) Mirafit Deluxe High-Density Foam Roller

Novice or a pro, these Mirafit Foam Rollers have been expertly designed to iron out knots, ease tension and address any niggles. Keep trigger points under control and roll away the stresses of Christmas shopping with a soothing massage. Available in a range of colours.

2) Mirafit Three Piece Kettlebell Weight Set With Stand

Versatile and fun to use, this Kettlebell Set is great for maintaining strength as well as helping to inject power and explosivity into any workout. Perfect for a full body workout, the set even comes with a stand to make sure floors stay intact. (Just don’t ask us to help you wrap it!)

3) Mirafit Aerobic Exercise Stepper (in black and white)

Our Aerobic Steppers not only give you a great cardio workout but are brilliant for a range of jumping and weight exercises too. Durable and easy-to-use, it’s the perfect first-piece for beginners or those wanting to burn off a few extra mince pies…

4) Mirafit Non-bounce Slam Ball (12kg)

Get your New Year off to an explosive start with these Mirafit Non-Bounce Slam Balls. Power is key with these versatile and durable pieces of equipment. Use to release the stresses of the day, strengthen up your core and work your arms.

5) Mirafit Folding Exercise Mat

Whether you love to exercise at home, away or even outside, this Mirafit Folding Exercise Mat is made from thick, high-density foam, helping to cushion your joints and give you a padded surface – wherever you are! Ideal for resistance work, core exercises and stretching, as well as for providing the perfect place to try out that new fitness DVD that Santa bought you.


1) Mirafit M1 Weight Drag Sled & Harness

Rudolph won’t be the only one dragging a sled around this Christmas – why not get them a Mirafit M1 Weight Drag Sled and Harness for the ultimate test in strength, endurance and power. Pile up the weights, presents and mince pies and unleash your potential. Comes with a strong, durable harness so hands and arms can be used for momentum. Drag down the garden, park or even the beach.

2) Mirafit T Bar Row Platform

Christmas nibbles with the family all got too much? Blast away those extra calories and build up some real muscle with this nifty piece of resistance equipment. The Mirafit T Bar Row Platform can be used with both standard and Olympic bars and helps to strengthen the upper body, focusing on the back and shoulders.

3) Mirafit 20kg Studio Pump Set

Bring the gym home with you this Christmas with our 20kg Studio Pump Set. Get a full body workout and power up your strengthening routine with this fantastic set. The tri-grip weights allow you to switch up your reps and can be used individually without the bar too.

4) Mirafit Battle Rope (in black and orange, 12m)

Give them a Christmas present they can really get their teeth into. These Mirafit 12m Battle Ropes are fun to use and provide a great workout. Brilliant for targeting arms as well as core muscles, these ropes are perfect for all abilities.

5) Mirafit M1 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

An essential piece of kit that’s incredible value. Target your muscle groups and raise your game before the New Year kicks in with a wide range of exercises. Use for flat, incline and decline work to get a full, upper body workout. A great centre piece for any home gym and ideal for guiding your movements as you train for optimum precision.



1) Mirafit M1 Squat and Dip Rack - Spotter Adjustable

Make sure your equipment can keep up with your 2018 training regime with the Mirafit M1 Squat and Dip Rack. The adjustable spotters will allow you to reach rep max on your squats without putting you at risk of injury, and the added dip bars allow you to get an upper body workout at the same time.

2) Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench

Perfect your form this Christmas with the Mirafit M2 Semi Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench. With its capacity to handle up to 260kg, this bench is the perfect upgrade for any home gym. A sturdy piece of kit that provides a solid base for your upper body workout.

3) Mirafit M2 Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (in black and orange)

A great addition to any garage gym or a perfect first piece of strengthening equipment, our M2 Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars will help to build upper body strength in no time. Fun to use and a great piece for building multiple muscle groups at the same time as well as joint and grip strength.

4) Mirafit Free Standing Punch Bag and Base

Get your cardio and resistance training down in one go with the Mirafit Free Standing Punch Bag and Base. Great for working up a real sweat, this piece tests your grit and determination as you power through for as long as you can handle. High rebound foam means this piece can really pack a punch.

5) Mirafit Olympic Curl Bar and 30kg Tri Grip Weight Set

Precision cast for weight accuracy, the Mirafit 30kg Weight Set is a great starter set for any budding bodybuilders out there. Great for getting in some extra weight training at home, the curved bar reduces any strain on your joints. Build up your weight load as you go to progress.


*We will do our very best to make sure this blog is kept up-to-date so all the prices are correct. Mirafit prices however are subject to change and so the amounts may be different in the future. If you want to make sure, please check the price on our website.