HIIT Workout At Home

The New Year is fast approaching and it’s official – exercise season is nearly upon us. And there’s nothing like a week of cheese boards and vol-au-vents to switch on your inner beast mode come January 1st. So, if you’re ready to start sweating out Viennetta like there’s no tomorrow, read on, because we have the ideal workout for you…

The Best HIIT Workout

HIIT – or High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the most popular forms of exercise – and for good reason too. It not only combines strength and cardio training, but it’s great for torching fat and increasing your metabolism, and can be easily fitted into a busy schedule.

Ready to distance yourself from the sofa? HIIT training is fast and furious and to get the most out of your training, you need to have just as much mental stamina as you do physical. That’s why January is one of the best times of the year to get on it. It’s time for a fresh start, the resolutions have begun and on top of everything, you have pudding-guilt spurring you on.

And one of the best things about HIIT is that it can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need is a few essential pieces of kit and you’re ready to start your HIIT regime, beating the January gym rush and getting ahead of the game without having to fork out for expensive membership plans.

So, put down the profiteroles, take a deep breath in and get your game face on.

What equipment do I need to do HIIT?


Luckily, Mirafit has already thought about that for you and put together two essential packages which include everything you need to do HIIT. Once you feel more confident designing your own HIIT routines, you can start to mix it up and avoid the plateau by varying the exercises with more pieces of kit as you go along.

Mirafit HIIT Package Level 1 workout:

The Mirafit HIIT Package Level 1 includes everything you need for an intense, full-body workout that’s also versatile. Each piece of equipment can be used for a range of exercises allowing you to mix and match for each training session.

Beginner’s top tip: If you’re not sure on timing or how to go about creating your own HIIT workout, read our helpful blog here.

Ready to get started?



High-knee skipping with ankle weights

Bunny hops over aerobic stepper

Mountain climbers on mat

Cross-arm skipping

Toe taps using aerobic stepper and ankle weights

Fast step ups using aerobic stepper

Jumping jacks with wrist weights

Wall runs with ankle weights

Tuck jumps with ankle weights

Double jumps over the stepper


Wood chops using slam ball

Hula hooping


Side plank with raised upper leg

Dead bugs using slam ball

Hip raises using mat

Toe touches using mat

Russian twists using slam ball

Double leg raises holding slam ball between feet on mat

Jack knives using ankle weights or slam ball


Press ups on mat

Standing overhead slams

Incline/decline push ups using aerobic stepper

Side-to-side press ups using slam ball

Punch ups (above your head) while seated with wrist weights

Arm circles using wrist weights

Dynamic planks

Tricep dips using stepper

Shadow boxing with wrist weights

Downward Facing Dog on mat


Wall sits with slam ball

Box jumps with aerobic stepper

Side lunges with slam ball

Incline hip raises using stepper and slam ball to work both glutes and hamstrings

Single leg squat with aerobic stepper behind you – you can hold the slam ball at the same time

Lateral leg raises while lying down – with ankle weights on mat

Calf raises with ankle weights

Jumping lunges with ankle weights

Goblet squats with slam ball

Figure-four squats (single leg squats with non-supporting leg crossed over supporting leg and ankle resting on opposing knee – like you were stretching out your glutes). Use the wall to steady you if needed.


Curtsy squats holding slam ball – wear wrist weights to ramp it up a notch!

Hip raise with 3 second pause using slam ball

Kick backs on all fours using ankle weights and mat

Reverse leg raises using ankle weights and mat

Skating side-to-side with ankle weights

Floor jacks with ankle weights (lying on stomach, raise arms and legs to do jumping jack movements)

Single leg chair squat (sit on a chair and stand up and down just using one leg)

Bent, dog leg raises on all fours

Hip lift with leg extension

Pretzel side kicks


Jumping squats while holding slam ball

Overhead sit up stand up with slam ball

Decline Jack planks using the aerobic stepper

Burpees with ankle weights

Squat punch with wrist weights

Sprints Skiing using the stepper – pump arms as you go

Incline knee raises using stepper with a pull down arm movement – ankle and wrist weights will increase intensity

Jumping jacks with squats

Plank jumps


The Mirafit HIIT Package Level 2 includes a 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set which is perfect for focusing on strengthening.

Use for:

Weighted lunges

Overhead triceps raises

Bicep curls

Shoulder press

Lateral raises

Concentration curls

Bent over rows

Front raises

Delt raises

Bench presses using dumbbells and stepper

Designing your home HIIT workout

When doing HIIT training, you should be aiming to do around 30 minutes of exercise in total with each burst lasting around 1 minute with 1 minute’s rest in between – you can start to decrease your rest period as you progress. The aim is to keep your heart rate up throughout the session so no matter what you do, try and include as much power and explosivity into your workout as possible for that extra level of challenge.

And there you have it! Click here for more information on our fitness packages to get you ready for a new year of fitness and good health.