Battle Rope Workout

If you’re missing that all-important ingredient for a garage gym – i.e. a garage – then the Mirafit team sends their condolences.

And while you browse the housing market for somewhere to build the dream – we’ll be here when you’re ready – there’s still a way you can get a full body workout, without having to fork out on a monthly subscription to the local gym.

All you need is some outside space – be it your garden, next door’s garden, the park or the middle of your nearest roundabout – and you’ll be well on your way to a stronger, more defined, more fat-torched you.

So, what is this wonderous solution?

It’s none other than the Mirafit Battle Rope.

How to use battle ropes


Fitness connoisseurs will know that battle ropes are thick and heavy. They come in set lengths – 9m, 12m and 15m – and the longer they are, the heavier they are. And it’s not just about a straight off lift either.

Battle ropes are traditionally looped or anchored in the middle, with an end in each hand so you can lift, flip, wave, slam and jump, using the hefty ropes for added weight and resistance.

Having a long rope means you have to work harder to get the full weight off the ground. So, it’s all about those emphasised movements to lift and resist the rope as it keeps pulling you in. The more power, speed and venom you can inject into your workout, the better, as this is what will get your sweat dripping, your arms aching and your blood pumping.

Ready to train?

How to anchor a battle rope

First things first, you’ll need to anchor your rope. There are a few different types depending on where you want to train:

Circular Battle Rope Anchor – for walls, floors and ceilings

Strap Anchor – two straps and a carabiner clip so you can secure your rope to fences, posts and trees, without damaging your rope

Anchor Chain – a strong and durable anchor that you can use to secure your rope pretty much wherever and whenever you train.

Outdoor Ground Spike – no trees or lampposts required for this one – just stick it in the ground, loop through your rope and away you go

Ground or Wall Anchor – permanent fixing point for your battle rope – great for inside or if you’re a dab hand at DIY, you can place in your garden for some al fresco action.

The spike is a great solution for anyone using the garden or the local park to train as it can be secured and removed quickly and easily. Plus, you don’t need any specific features – apart from some grass – to be able to use it.

NB – Make sure you find a patch of compact soil, so the anchor can be secured, and pay attention to flower beds/wildlife/toes before you start stabbing wildly…

How to train using a battle rope


You’ve got yourself all set up and you’re ready to start making some serious waves. So, what’s the next step? Picking up the rope ends and body popping like a pro will definitely get your heart rate up – never mind turn a few heads down at the local park.

But for a structured workout that targets all your muscle groups, you’ll want to include the following in your training regime:

Alternating waves – a classic battle rope move that mainly works your upper body. Lift one arm up and then the other to create waves down the rope. Do this as fast and as high as you can. Widen your stance and soften your knees to gain a more secure resistance against the rope. This can also be performed while seated to increase the intensity – squat or sit down on a nearby step/ bench if you’re at the park.

Hip toss – great for working your core, this is similar to a Russian twist but you’re standing instead of sitting. Work both arms simultaneously slapping the rope from side to side as you twist your upper body and keep your hips square. Again, can be performed while seated on a chair/bench/step to isolate those upper body muscles.

In and out waves – you have to ignore the fact that this one ends up looking a bit like a clapping seal, and concentrate on just how amazing this exercise is for your chest and pecs. Bring both arms in simultaneously so they cross over slightly, and then back out as fast and as wide as you can.

Russian twists – like the hip toss but sitting down on the ground. Having to force the rope up and over your knees with reduced momentum makes this a real killer.

Two-handed waves – raise both ends up at the same time and slap both rope sides down onto the ground simultaneously. No longer can you counteract the forces by alternating your movements. Doing both sides at the same time means you have to really engage your core for stability and strength. Do this while seated if you think you can handle it.

Counter-clockwise and clockwise – great for your chest, pecs and arms, circle your arms inwards to meet in the middle and then swap to circle them outwards, for an intense upper body workout.

Jumping Jacks – exactly what it says on the tin – Jumping Jacks (star jumps) while holding the ropes. Great cardio and great for working your shoulders.

Power slams – straight up and down with both hands, use this movement to shock your body. Focus on your explosivity during this exercise and carry on through – even after the ropes have hit the ground. Your back should move forward and down, as you go from standing straight with your arms high, to curved over with your arms straight down in front of you. Can be performed while seated to help engage your back muscles. A high impact version of two-handed waves.

Side-to-side waves – arms down, swing them in parallel from side-to-side across your body. This works your biceps and triceps as well as your obliques.

Side-to-side gallop – two handed waves performed while quickly side stepping – 4 steps left, then 4 steps right. Slam the rope down and then lift as you side step. Great for obliques, knee joints and quads as well as overall cardio.

Ski jumps – alternating lunges while lifting your arms up and down in front of you. As your right leg comes forward, move your left arm down and visa versa. Great for the glutes and quads, lower back, arms and excellent cardio. Sit down and engage your core.

Take your workout with you


Training with battle ropes should be varied, intense and fantastic fun. Brilliant for all abilities, work as hard as you can and keep pushing for maximum gains.

And finally, don’t forget to stretch out and hydrate after any intense form of exercise. You can even take some time to chill out and cool off on your Mirafit Folding Exercise Mat. Easy to carry, this thick, padded mat is the perfect companion to your battle rope as you can cram in some extra floorwork as well as burpees, mountain climbers, push-ups, hip lifts, headstands and more.

So, grab your rope – stick it in your car, in your bag or under your arm – and head outside whatever the weather for the toughest, most gruelling workout of your life.