Battle Rope Benefits

Who doesn't love a battle rope?

If you just answered "me", sit yourself down and prepare to be schooled.

Wondering how to fill the void in your training regime? Get a battle rope. Need more power and explosivity in your life? Get a battle rope. Want to be the envy of all your friends while looking incredibly hot? Get a battle rope (disclaimer: Tinder matches may vary).

The thing is, there's no denying the primal awakening that occurs as soon as those ropes touch your grip. You can be as white-collared as you like, but get a battle rope in your hands, and beast mode is officially initiated. Battle ropes are ideal for gaining power, strength, endurance and they make you push yourself to your limits.

There's no set weight to lift, no number to reach, no increment to work to. All you need to do is hold on tight and thrash as hard as you can until you drop. Battle ropes take both physical and mental stamina. Plus they work your whole body, draining you of any remaining energy, force and general will to live – in a good way, we promise.

Ropes at the ready: it's time to get brutal.

1) They're savage

Battle ropes may not look like much, but once in motion, they are all about the brute force. The longer the rope, the more energy it takes to lift. And as well as resisting gravity, your body needs to work hard to maintain that fluid motion.

Doing this doesn't just tear up muscle fiber, but is also extremely demanding on your cardiovascular system – allowing you to smash two birds with one battle rope - instantly.

2) They're relentless


Secure your weights, find your grip and lift. How often have you done this without even thinking? Minus true focus, it can be so easy to drift through a workout without giving it the attention it deserves.

Battle ropes are great for boosting your determination. And one of the best things about them is: they won't settle for anything except true grit. Learn your limits and smash right through them... Every. Single. Time.

3) They're demanding

Picking up your battle ropes is a bit like kicking an angry dog. You're gonna need to pay attention. Making waves is not easy - the only way to perfect your technique is to assert full domination.

Lifting the ropes, slamming them back down and working them hard is not just about using your arms. They work your core, joints, back, legs and they will definitely demand your sweat. But work them right and you'll be reaping the benefits in no time.

4) They're hardwearing

With a lot of gear, you need to ensure you have the right flooring, storage equipment, padding, safety bars, collars, locks and more. But when it comes to battle ropes, there's no holding back.

An essential piece of kit for army-style training, they can be slammed, whipped and thrashed whatever the conditions - come rain, mud, sun and snow. Thick and durable, battle ropes will deliver ceaseless punishment, with full power and without mercy.

5) They'll break your back but not your wallet

A chance to free your mind from all those reps, sets and numbers, battle ropes are great for releasing all those stresses from the day. They help you power up your explosivity and will have you crawling with fatigue by the end of it all. Mix them in with sprints, HIIT, Tabata and your usual resistance regimes for a plateau-banishing, energy-draining, ego-crushing workout. Go beyond your limits and target all your entire body in one go – all for under £60.

So, leave your gym mirrors at the door and let's get started. Want to know how to get a full workout with just a Battle Rope? Read more in our blog. And as always, any questions, send us a message via Facebook @Mirafitofficial.